What Does God Say to Those Who Struggle with Addiction? – Mark E. Shaw

In this episode of our TGC Q&A biblical counseling series, Mark Shaw answers the question, “What does God say to those who struggle with addiction?” He addresses:

  • How to help others in your church seeking to overcome addiction (:54)
  • Addiction as a sin issue (1:14)
  • Becoming a spiritual heart doctor (2:26)
  • Partnership in counseling (2:55)
  • Biblical encouragement for someone battling addiction (7:23)
  • Behavioral modification and heart transformation (12:21)
  • Dealing with shame (15:18)
  • Helping someone addicted to pornography (19:15)
  • Confession as a starting point (19:56)
  • Fleeing sexual immorality (22:12)
  • Thinking of others first (25:09)
  • Hope for those caught in addiction (25:50)

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