How Do You Become Better at Asking Meaningful Questions? 3 Quick Ideas. – Sean McDowell

What is the secret to asking good questions? How do you become a better question-asker? Sean shares three ideas from his life and experience. Read More Sean McDowell

8 Reasons the New Testament is Reliable (w/ Dr. Ben Shaw) – Sean McDowell

Can we trust that the New Testament is reliable? As a Christian, Dr. Ben Shaw had no good reason to explain why he believed the NT was trustworthy. Read More…

A Pakistani Muslim TRANSFORMED by Christ (w/ Aisha Borden) – Sean McDowell

Why would a Pakistani Muslim become a follower of Christ and what did it cost for her professionally and personally? Aisha Borden shares her story. Read More Sean McDowell

Cordial Disagreement is the Highest Honor – Sean McDowell

In our age of personal and shallow criticism, how can we have genuine dialogue? In this post, Sean discusses the critical importance of cordial disagreement. Read More Sean McDowell

Christian Professor Reacts to TikToks on Jesus – Sean McDowell

You asked for it, so you got it: More TikTok reactions! This time I include videos about Jesus. Enjoy and spread the word! Read More Sean McDowell

Demonic Encounters and Spiritual Darkness (w/ Steve Dabbs) – Sean McDowell

Steve Dabbs is a retired military chaplain with full-time expertise in pastoral care. He has encountered demonic activity and we discuss that in this interview. Read More Sean McDowell

America’s Most Controversial Religious Movement (with Thomas Kidd) – Sean McDowell

Evangelicalism is arguably America’s most controversial religious movement. Non-evangelicals often have a variety of impressions about what “evangelical” means. Read More Sean McDowell

What are the Best Questions for Meaningful Spiritual Conversations? – Sean McDowell

How can we have meaningful spiritual conversations with others? What are the best questions to ask? Sean answers these questions and more. Read More Sean McDowell

Christian Apologist Sits Down with a Muslim Imam – Sean McDowell

What would happen if a Christian apologist (and his 10-year old son) visited a mosque? After a brief tour, I sat down with the imam and asked him some questions…

How Do We Have Important Conversations? 4 Practical Tips. – Sean McDowell

What is the key to having meaningful conversations on difficult topics? Sean summarizes four points from a recent talk by Mike Sherrard. Read More Sean McDowell

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