Intelligent Design’s Founding Father

Emily Nordhagen Sandico describes the origins of Thaxton’s book, which had such an influence on Stephen Meyer, William Dembski, Phillip Johnson, and others. Source Read More Evolution News

Here’s a Tip That Can Help You Investigate the Gospels (Video)

J. Warner Wallace was interviewed on 100 Huntley Street and talked about the case for Easter by examining the Resurrection of Jesus through abductive reasoning. Be sure to check out…

New Study: The Milky Way Is Exceptional

“You might have to travel a half a billion light years from the Milky Way, past many, many galaxies, to find another cosmological wall with a galaxy like ours.” Source…

Faith After the Pandemic (2 Insights) – Sean McDowell

How has the faith of Americans shifted since the pandemic? Which groups of Americans were most affected? Sean breaks down a recent survey. Read More Sean McDowell

Mama Bear Apologetics Takes on Richard Dawkins

Dawkins invokes the beautiful order evident in the murmuration of bird flocks as evidence that complexity can evolve from simple algorithmic rules. Source Read More Evolution News

Michael Keas Debunks Science-Faith Warfare Myth

“Scientists do love a good story,” says Keas. “Turns out there are plenty of stories we shouldn’t believe.” Source Read More Evolution News

Dear Transhumanists: Do You Really Want to Live Forever?

A life of meaning is what we truly need, and perhaps what we most deeply desire. Source Read More Evolution News

The Fifth Characteristic of a Healthy Church: A Commitment to Share with Courage

The first community of saints reflected the power and nature of God with their lives. The early Church followed their Biblical example (recorded in the Book of Acts) as they…

Fossil Friday: Elephants and the Abrupt Origin of Proboscidea

Is this what Darwinism would predict? Of course not! Is it instead what intelligent design theory would predict? Indeed it is. Source Read More Evolution News

Another Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist for Intelligent Design

Compton joins fellow Nobel Prize-winning physicists Charles Townes (UC Berkeley) and Brian Josephson (Cambridge University) who have likewise come out for ID. Source Read More Evolution News

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