Pushing Elephant “Personhood”

Think cattle herds suing ranchers or lab animals suing universities — not to improve care but to liberate from all human use. Source Read More Evolution News

Podcast with Michael Behe: “You Can’t Deny the Data Forever”

The Lehigh University biochemist addresses misconceptions about irreducible complexity, and responds to the claim that “molecular machines” is a misnomer. Source Read More Evolution News

Did Jesus Think He was God? (Video)

Did Jesus say He was God? Did he behave as though He thought this was true? In this video from J. Warner’s “Quick Shots: Fast Answers to Hard Questions” series…

It’s Black Friday — What to Buy? Perhaps These ID-Themed Puzzles

One nice thing about Zazzle’s platform is that for each design, the customer can choose a size and difficulty level. Source Read More Evolution News

Podcast: Born Again This Way (with Rachel Gilson) – Rachel Gilson, Sean McDowell, and Scott Rae

The journey of authentic Christian faith and sexuality is often a rocky and complicated one. Rachel Gilson, in her book, Born Again This Way, tells her story of this journey,…

Look: On Thanksgiving, Be Grateful for the Intelligent Design of Your Eyes

COVID restrictions may have put a damper on the traditional Thanksgiving celebration. But even lockdowns can’t stop us from giving thanks. Source Read More Evolution News

Enjoy The Distinctly Christian Holiday We Call Thanksgiving

The pilgrims who came over from England in 1620 were, in many ways, ordinary men and women. Some of them were members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect…

Design Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All

Hey — wanna see a talk that combines the following. Black swallowtail butterflies, William Harvey, snarky robotic aliens from Alpha Centauri, and more. Source Read More Evolution News

Bechly on Denton’s Latest: “Seminal,” a “Milestone in this Ongoing Scientific Revolution”

“In this seminal new book, distinguished biologist Michael Denton takes the fine-tuning argument for intelligent design to a whole new level.” Source Read More Evolution News

How Important was the Principle of Embarrassment in Your Assessment of the Gospels? (Video)

The gospel authors describe embarrassing details about the disciples. Does this prove the writers are telling the truth? This clip was taken from J. Warner Wallace’s interview with Ragnhard Petersen,…