Against the Tide: The Classroom Where C. S. Lewis Taught

“They were the last lectures Lewis ever gave. I’m very pleased to have been at them.” Source Read More Evolution News

In Biological Origins, Bottom-Up or Top-Down Causation?

Michael Denton says that the evidence has been growing for top-down causation, which poses a challenge to reductionist and materialistic origins science. Source Read More Evolution News

Against the Tide: Oxford’s John Lennox Describes Kinship with C. S. Lewis

“I owe him an immense amount because although he wasn’t a scientist, he understood science. He understood the implications and the philosophy of science.” Source Read More Evolution News

November: In a New Book, Michael Behe Springs a Trap for Darwin

How could blind evolution arrange biochemical parts into complex functional wholes one small step at a time, as Darwin and his followers envision? Source Read More Evolution News

Magnetic Navigation May Be a Gift from Bacteria

New clues to the prevalence of magnetotactic bacteria suggest that diverse animals may employ microbes for help with long-distance navigation. Source Read More Evolution News

If Christianity is True, Why Are There So Many Denominations? (Video)

Christians can’t even agree with each other, why should anyone else think Christianity is true? If so many Christians are in disagreement, how can we be certain Christianity is true?…

Science as Oracle — “Where It Gets Weird”

The ancients had their oracles, people claiming to speak in the name of the gods — this, by divination. Source Read More Evolution News

Design Filter Is Best Bet for Finding Liars

Not all intelligent design is benevolent. Design can deceive. Can ID techniques filter the true from the false? Source Read More Evolution News

Podcast: How Should Christians Vote? – Sean McDowell and Scott Rae

Do Christians have an obligation to vote? What principles should shape how Christians think about voting? When it comes to politics, Christians often differ significantly. Yet there are some biblical…

Why Are There So Many Gospel “Contradictions”?

I find it interesting that there are four Gospels, four stories of the life of Jesus, instead of a single account. Three of these Gospels, Matthew, Mark (writing for Peter),…