A Mousetrap for Darwin, and Another for Lenski

“There have been no mutations…identified that appear to be on their way to constructing elegant new molecular machinery of the kind that fills every cell.” Source Read More Evolution News

Why Euthanasia is Not the Answer: A Conversation with Stephanie Gray Connors – Sean McDowell

Is euthanasia an act of compassion? It is merciful? Sean interviews Stephanie Gray Connors about her latest book. They tackle the toughest questions. Read More Sean McDowell

Martin Luther King on the Primacy of Idea over Material

It’s a necessary effort to stop oneself from longing for the great men and women of the past, even just the past century. Source Read More Evolution News

Resurrecting Namacalathus as an Ediacaran Animal

The new fossils stem from a layer in the Nama Group of Namibia, just below an ash bed that could be radiometrically dated to 547.32 ± 0.65 million years. Source…

How Our Interests Reveal Our god(s) (Video)

What do we really worship? What’s truly more important to us than anything else? How do our interests reveal our god(s)? What would our friends say about us if they…

Martin Luther King’s Powerful Critique of Scientific Racism, Scientific Materialism

I have no idea what King would have thought of the modern theory of intelligent design, but many of the ideas he expressed are certainly friendly to ID. Source Read…

To Say the Lease, Altruism Is Not an Easy Fit with Darwinism

Evolutionists have made some progress (they think) explaining such things with theories of group selection or kin selection. Source Read More Evolution News

Podcast: I Am Restored (with Lecrae Moore) – Lecrae Moore, Sean McDowell, and Scott Rae

Grammy Award winner and hip hop artist Lecrae tells his story of artistic success, battle with addiction and depression, and being restored in this fascinating new book. Lecrae is vulnerable…

Avi Loeb: “Nature Does Not Produce Such Things”

Loeb describes his journey to a radical position on the strange interstellar visitor that’s been dubbed ‘Oumuamua. Source Read More Evolution News

Are There Any Good Reasons to Believe in God? (Video)

Is it reasonable to believe in Jesus as the Messiah? Is it reasonable to believe in God in general? In this Q and A session, J. Warner begins to answer…