Watch: Kid Explains Intelligent Design to His Dad

The lucidity of the younger individual’s grasp of ID is quite something. Tor could probably help out in tutoring some adult ID critics I can think of. Source Read More…

The Ghost of Epicurus and the Doctrine of Natural Selection

The classical pantheon, lacking moral credibility, had become a source of embarrassment to thoughtful Greeks. Source Read More Evolution News

Navigation Ability Crosses Phylum Lines — And That’s a Problem for Evolution

Yes, that is kind of adorable. It took only a few days for the fish to learn to drive. Source Read More Evolution News

When Physicists Clash: Brian Keating on the Atheism of Steven Weinberg

“Almost a designer”? Interesting choice of words. It’s remarkable to hear such a frank discussion. Source Read More Evolution News

Uncannily Organic: Navigation Is More than Genes

The capabilities of animals to know their positions and make corrections seem beyond the abilities of coded instructions or brain size. Source Read More Evolution News

How Can We Reconcile Variations Between Biblical Manuscripts? (Video / Podcast)

Skeptics point to variations in the most ancient manuscripts of the New Testament in an attempt to disqualify their reliability. But is this truly the case? How can we reconcile…

The Enlightenment (Re)turn to Atomism

What distinguished thinkers had long called out for its manifest absurdity was now, Phoenix-like, rising from the ashes. Source Read More Evolution News

Eric Anderson: Probability and Intelligent Design

Anderson taps an area of his expertise, the ongoing efforts to create self-reproducing machines, and he applies it to the mystery of life’s origin. Source Read More Evolution News

Charles Darwin and the Ghost of Epicurus

Darwinism, when viewed from a philosophical perspective, might more accurately be understood as a late sub-branch of ancient speculative thought. Source Read More Evolution News

Part 2: Overcoming

By Jason Jiménez This article is adapted from Jason’s book Abandoned Faith. “Inevitably we carry some amount of parental regrets. Freedom from regret comes when we admit our weaknesses before Jesus.…