Jay Richards: A Look Back at Paley and Hume

Dr. Richards addresses David Hume’s critique of analogical arguments like those used by William Paley. Source Read More Evolution News

From Tom Gilson, Rhetorical Advice for Opponents of Intelligent Design

Getting ID theory right instead of criticizing a made-up straw man would be a good start. Source Read More Evolution News

Progressive Christianity: Coming to a Church Near You

A self-described “progressive” Christian church in Nashville, TN made headlines last week with a meme claiming the Bible is not the word of God, not infallible, and not inerrant. Years…

Study: Hands of “Ardi” Indicate a Chimp-like Tree-Dweller and Knuckle-Walker

Initially, Ardi was widely called the “oldest human ancestor,” due to its supposed skeletal traits that indicated an early bipedal (upright walking) species. Source Read More Evolution News

What’s the Problem with “Name It and Claim It”? (Video)

Is the “prosperity gospel” Biblically legitimate? Is there any Biblical support for “name it and claim it” theology? How can I determine if this theology is heretical? In this clip…

Podcast: Can We Still Believe in God? (with Craig Blomberg) – Sean McDowell and Scott Rae

How can Christians respond to some of the toughest questions today related to evil, hell, unanswered prayer, the unevangelized and more? In this interview, Sean and Scott talk with New…

Why It’s Futile to Look for the Perfect Argument for Christianity

Sometimes getting into an apologetic conversation can feel like a competition. The other person offers their objections to Christianity and in return we try to rebut their objections and offer…

Botany Journal Revisits Charles Darwin’s “Abominable Mystery”

A recent paper by Richard Buggs shows that a problem for evolutionary theory has grown more acute since Darwin’s time. Source Read More Evolution News

Are Christian Apologists Trying to Argue People into the Kingdom? (Video)

Is it possible to convince people about Christianity on only the strength of the evidence? If God is the only one who can change someone’s heart or mind, why make…

Subduction and the “Mechanism” of Intelligent Design

We can see plenty of evidence that intelligent design in nature is real, but it’s not always clear exactly how that design is instantiated in nature. Source Read More Evolution…