Science Paper: Use Artificial Intelligence to Challenge Evolution

The authors conclude, “It seems remote that AI would conclude that it is ‘turtles all the way down’.” Source Read More Evolution News

Why Objections Don’t Defeat the Truth of God

If good is God, why is there so much evil in the world? And if God wants us to trust Him and love Him, why does He stay so hidden?…

Poet and Scientist, Goethe Offered an Enlightenment Theodicy

Like Erasmus Darwin, Goethe was both poet and scientist and had himself at one time speculated on ideas of evolution. Source Read More Evolution News

Stephen Meyer and James Tour on Isaac Newton: “Why There, Why Then?”

“Why did science arise in its modern form with its distinctive systematic methods of investigating nature in 16th- and 17th-century Europe?” Source Read More Evolution News

Leveraging the Design Inference for Effectively Falsifying Data

The academy raises generation after generation of inept data falsifiers who embrace the foolish naiveté that their shenanigans are immune to discovery. Source Read More Evolution News

Utah Versus Nature Rights

Utah is the fourth state — the others are Ohio, Florida, and Idaho — restricting rights to the human realm where they belong. Source Read More Evolution News

The Case for Christian Case Making (Podcast)

In this Cold-Case Christianity podcast, J. Warner makes a case for an evidential, reasoned, case-making form of Christian belief. Using the New Testament gospels and letters as a guide, Jim…

The Suffering Christian

We live in a troubled world, plagued by sin which leads to pain and suffering. This state of the world is nothing new, it has gone on since the fall…

A World-Renowned MIT/Harvard-Trained Eye Surgeon Comes to Faith – Sean McDowell

Sean interviews Dr. Ming Wang about his inspirational story and the reasons he became a Christian. Dr. Wang graduated from Harvard & MIT and is a eye surgeon. Read More…

New Study Reveals Secrets of Honey Bee Waggle Dance

There are several factors that make detecting direction challenging for the observing bees. One is that the dances take place inside a dark hive. Source Read More Evolution News

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