Origin of the First Self-Replicating Molecules

For some theorists, the origin of life is defined as the natural origin of a self-replicating system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution. Source Read More Evolution News

Listen: Darwin Returns from the Future

Nickell John Romjue’s time-traveling Darwin returns to his family home and offers some final reflections on his eye-opening visit to the 21st century. Source Read More Evolution News

The “Clumping” Problem and the Origin of Life

In the 1970s, biochemist Sidney Fox and colleagues believed they had uncovered primitive cell membrane-like structures called protenoid microspheres. Source Read More Evolution News

Dr. Michael Egnor: “Operating on Healthy Bodies Defies Surgical Ethics”

“A well-performed operation is still malpractice (or even assault) if it is not done for valid medical reasons.” Source Read More Evolution News

Meyer: Webb Telescope Confirms a Cosmic Beginning

The philosophical stakes were just too enormous. Materialism could not accept so massive a confirmation of Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning…” Source Read More Evolution News

Fossil Friday: Darwinius, or How Wishful Thinking Makes a Missing Link

The media campaign lead to headlines that were not content with calling the fossil a missing link but simply “THE link” or “the eighth wonder of the world.” Source Read…

New from Science Uprising — Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, and the Human Difference

Creativity, not mere copying or following commands, entails thinking “outside the box.” That’s how it can surprise us with genuine novelty. Source Read More Evolution News

Forming Polymers: A Problem for the Origin of Life

Assume for a moment that there was some way to produce simple organic molecules on the early Earth. Source Read More Evolution News

Michael Behe Answers More Reasonable Objections to Intelligent Design

Behe and Pat Flynn tackle critiques from Alvin Plantinga, Graham Oppy, Russell Doolittle, Kenneth Miller, and others. Source Read More Evolution News

A Mystery: Prebiotic Synthesis of Simple Organic Monomers

In 2010, University College London biochemist Nick Lane stated the primordial soup theory “doesn’t hold water” and is “past its expiration date.” Source Read More Evolution News