Against the Tide: The Classroom Where C. S. Lewis Taught

“They were the last lectures Lewis ever gave. I’m very pleased to have been at them.” Source Read More Evolution News

In Biological Origins, Bottom-Up or Top-Down Causation?

Michael Denton says that the evidence has been growing for top-down causation, which poses a challenge to reductionist and materialistic origins science. Source Read More Evolution News

Against the Tide: Oxford’s John Lennox Describes Kinship with C. S. Lewis

“I owe him an immense amount because although he wasn’t a scientist, he understood science. He understood the implications and the philosophy of science.” Source Read More Evolution News

November: In a New Book, Michael Behe Springs a Trap for Darwin

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Magnetic Navigation May Be a Gift from Bacteria

New clues to the prevalence of magnetotactic bacteria suggest that diverse animals may employ microbes for help with long-distance navigation. Source Read More Evolution News

Science as Oracle — “Where It Gets Weird”

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Design Filter Is Best Bet for Finding Liars

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Determinism: Smart People and an Absurd Claim

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Disagreeing Agreeably — A Timely Lesson from Darwin and Wallace

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Fine-Tuning, Free Will — Now We’ve Got Two Challenges for Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder

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