Jay Richards: A Look Back at Paley and Hume

Dr. Richards addresses David Hume’s critique of analogical arguments like those used by William Paley. Source Read More Evolution News

From Tom Gilson, Rhetorical Advice for Opponents of Intelligent Design

Getting ID theory right instead of criticizing a made-up straw man would be a good start. Source Read More Evolution News

Study: Hands of “Ardi” Indicate a Chimp-like Tree-Dweller and Knuckle-Walker

Initially, Ardi was widely called the “oldest human ancestor,” due to its supposed skeletal traits that indicated an early bipedal (upright walking) species. Source Read More Evolution News

Botany Journal Revisits Charles Darwin’s “Abominable Mystery”

A recent paper by Richard Buggs shows that a problem for evolutionary theory has grown more acute since Darwin’s time. Source Read More Evolution News

Subduction and the “Mechanism” of Intelligent Design

We can see plenty of evidence that intelligent design in nature is real, but it’s not always clear exactly how that design is instantiated in nature. Source Read More Evolution…

What Subduction Teaches About Intelligent Design

My PhD research was on the early plate tectonic history on earth. Plate tectonics involves the movement of plates on the surface of the earth. Source Read More Evolution News

James Tour, Episode 4: On the Origin of Life, “The Devil Is in the Details”

“Dr. Tour teaches the concepts of enantiomers and chirality, exposing challenges in the prebiotic synthesis and resolution of the molecules needed for life.” Source Read More Evolution News

The Making of a Darwin-Dissenting Doctor

Casey Luskin interviews Center for Science & Culture Fellow and physician Geoffrey Simmons on what led him from card-carrying Darwinist to Darwin-skeptic. Source Read More Evolution News

Answering Another Objection to Intelligent Design: “You Can’t Prove God Exists”

Now it’s possible that physics-based arguments for design could extend the argument further than you can go within biological design. Source Read More Evolution News

Episode 3: James Tour Detonates “Hyperbole Surrounding Origin-of-Life Claims”

Rice University chemist James Tour continues his course on abiogenesis. On Episode 3, he turns to detonating some of the hype surrounding supposed progress toward understanding the origin of life…