Promoting Design Arguments in Mexico and Beyond

I welcome back Dr. Brian Miller, this time to discuss his recent participation at a conference on science and faith in Guadalajara. Source Read More Evolution News

Let There Be Bioluminescence

Biological light switched on in the Cambrian — for what reason, evolutionists are not sure. It just happened, like all the other natural miracles. Source Read More Evolution News

Eat or Be Eaten: Excerpt from New DI Press Novel for Young Adults

In science class, Mr. Charlie (as Isaac had to call him at school) preached Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection — survival of the fittest. Source Read More Evolution…

Is Vitalism Making a Comeback? 

For proponents of ID, there is a natural temptation to respond to this sort of explanation with derision. I suspect this reaction may be short-sighted. Source Read More Evolution News

The Discovery of Metals — A Double-Edged Sword

Why should the melting points of common metals be attainable in furnaces heated by burning carbon-based organic matter? Source Read More Evolution News

Intelligent Design Made Relatable: New Young Adult Novel from Discovery Institute Press

The novel tells the story of Isaac, whose father died young. Why did he die? Isaac’s older cousin Charlie — a science teacher — says he knows why. Source Read…

Phenology: The Science of Seasonal Adaptation

No, not phrenology — phenology. It’s not pseudoscience, but a lesser-known branch of science that includes birds, bees, and trees. Source Read More Evolution News

What Does It Mean to Say “Lobsters Are Conscious”?

Much will be learned from a more careful analysis of the behavior of life forms, which will likely turn up many more instances of unexpected sentience. Source Read More Evolution…

The Humble Origins of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory changed how we understand our universe. But who do we have to thank for it? Source Read More Evolution News

The Wildly Varying Intelligence of T. Rex

After centuries with the “stupid” label, the big, bad extinct dino was found in one 2023 study to be as smart as a primate. But then… Source Read More Evolution…

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