Pushing Elephant “Personhood”

Think cattle herds suing ranchers or lab animals suing universities — not to improve care but to liberate from all human use. Source Read More Evolution News

Podcast with Michael Behe: “You Can’t Deny the Data Forever”

The Lehigh University biochemist addresses misconceptions about irreducible complexity, and responds to the claim that “molecular machines” is a misnomer. Source Read More Evolution News

It’s Black Friday — What to Buy? Perhaps These ID-Themed Puzzles

One nice thing about Zazzle’s platform is that for each design, the customer can choose a size and difficulty level. Source Read More Evolution News

Look: On Thanksgiving, Be Grateful for the Intelligent Design of Your Eyes

COVID restrictions may have put a damper on the traditional Thanksgiving celebration. But even lockdowns can’t stop us from giving thanks. Source Read More Evolution News

Design Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All

Hey — wanna see a talk that combines the following. Black swallowtail butterflies, William Harvey, snarky robotic aliens from Alpha Centauri, and more. Source Read More Evolution News

Bechly on Denton’s Latest: “Seminal,” a “Milestone in this Ongoing Scientific Revolution”

“In this seminal new book, distinguished biologist Michael Denton takes the fine-tuning argument for intelligent design to a whole new level.” Source Read More Evolution News

Galápagos Finches — Some Contradictions Solved

The authors offer a selectionist explanation, which is nevertheless uncertain. Note the repeated use of the subjunctive. Source Read More Evolution News

Behe’s New “Mousetrap” Book — The Fragility of Darwinism

The idea of the book is not merely to dunk on the critics. Michael Behe, to be frank, doesn’t find of any their criticisms very meaningful. Source Read More Evolution…

Listen: Median Artery and Evolution Hype

It’s far from clear how natural selection could select for this as an “adaptation” when its most obvious effect is to contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Source Read More Evolution…

Galápagos Finches — An “Exceptionally Strong Natural-Selection Event”?

This is by no means an all-or-nothing selection (as the impression is sometimes given). Rather, the alleles are retained. Source Read More Evolution News