Scientists Make Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryos

They said they wouldn’t do it, but of course they did. Scientists working in China — where else? — have constructed embryos that are part human and part monkey. Source…

Edgar Allan Poe — Scientist

In order to think scientifically, you must have an advanced degree in science. Right? Source Read More Evolution News

Steak-umm vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Twitter feud has gone viral, with many praising Steak-umm’s sizzling retorts. Source Read More Evolution News

Scott Turner Describes the Largely Forgotten History of Evolutionary Theory

In my previous articles, I outlined the first three videos in Scott Turner’s online course on evolution. They provide an overview of the course and lay the philosophical foundations (here, here).…

Stephen Meyer Defends His New Book to Cosmologist Brian Keating

Do the laws of cosmology, physics, and biology exhibit dispositive evidence of a cosmic designer? Source Read More Evolution News

Douglas Axe: Stupid Design? Or Elegant Invention?

You can watch Axe taking on arguments for “stupid design,” as offered by well known atheists like Neil deGrasse Tyson or lesser lights such as Nathan Lents. Source Read More…

Scott Turner Explains Philosophical Traditions Shaping Biology

Turner classifies the intelligent design movement as a resurgence of Platonic idealism. Source Read More Evolution News

Why a “Budding” Neuroscientist Is Skeptical of Brain Scans

A major thrust of neuroscience has been the use of fMRI to correlate brain activity with thinking and to draw conclusions about the physical basis of the mind. Source Read…

Summer Seminar Application Deadline Extended to April 30

One of the biggest activities that I missed while living abroad in South Africa doing my PhD was participating in Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars. Source Read More Evolution News

Webinar with John West: “Darwin’s Three Big Ideas That Impacted Humanity”

Darwinian theory is a more than just an idea about origins. The reasons it arouses the passion it does go beyond science. Source Read More Evolution News