Change the Nation’s Conversation: Pre-Order Stephen Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis

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How Materialists Rely on Intelligent Design

They will mock, attack, and ignore intelligent design theory. But evolutionists love using it in their own ways. Source Read More Evolution News

RNA World: Repeated Downfalls, Repeated Resurrections

Alexander Oparin’s 1924 prediction that origin-of-life research would be solved “very, very soon” hasn’t quite turned out right. Source Read More Evolution News

Controversy Arising: Timetrees Unconstrained

Two theorists have created a stir in evolutionary circles, claiming that Darwinian phylogeny efforts (tree-building) cannot be constrained to one “best” answer. Source Read More Evolution News

Michael Medved Talks with Michael Behe About “Mere Evolution”

Insofar as we can track evolution as it has happened, e.g. in dog breeds, it consists overwhelming of breaking genes, the degradation of biological information. Source Read More Evolution News

How to Destroy Love with Darwinism

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Dallas Conference on Science & Faith: In Person or Livestream

Those who choose to join in person will find that we are taking every reasonable precaution to protect our attendees, volunteers, and staff. Source Read More Evolution News

Algorithmic Specified Complexity: Genesis

Winston Ewert discusses the mathematical foundation for why we know Mount Rushmore is designed in a way that Mount Fuji isn’t. Source Read More Evolution News

Shaw, Scientism, and Darwinism

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Bright Idea: Put Scientists in Charge Instead?

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