Message in Matter: Intelligent Design in the Atoms

What atheists and materialists can’t explain is why this fitness is so special, so unforgivingly precise and intricate, at every stage on the journey to us. Source Read More Evolution…

Finely Tuned Chemistry and ATP Synthase

Cellular life would be impossible if strong bonds weren’t just so for some cellular functions, and if weak bonds weren’t just so for others. Source Read More Evolution News

When Scientists Make Truth Claims Outside Science

Here is a small, representative sampling of such claims over the past three centuries. These claims are not from science, but they drive science. Source Read More Evolution News

Against the Tide: When Scientists Stray from Science

Lennox: “Stephen Hawking was a brilliant mathematician and a genius. But he had no idea about philosophy.” Source Read More Evolution News

The Glorious, Intentional Gift of Autumn Beauty

So is there something adaptive — adaptive in that sense, mind you — to the enjoyment of colors in such a wild mix of scarlets, oranges, greens, browns, and tans;…

Is Fine-Tuning “More Extreme” in Biology or Cosmology?

As authors Thorvaldsen and Hössjer say, “Biology is inherently more complicated than the large-scale universe and so fine-tuning is even more a feature.” Source Read More Evolution News

Ethicist Protests Politicized Science — Alas, That Horse Was Out of the Barn Long Ago

It is all about the costs of getting on the wrong side of the power structure. To say that this “chills” debate about scientific issues is an understatement. Source Read…

Intelligent Design’s Yellow Star: Journal’s Disclaimer Refutes a Common Criticism of ID

Critics of intelligent design (ID) often lecture ID proponents that they are free to submit their work to any scientific journal and it will receive a fair consideration, 100 percent…

Against the Tide: The Classroom Where C. S. Lewis Taught

“They were the last lectures Lewis ever gave. I’m very pleased to have been at them.” Source Read More Evolution News

In Biological Origins, Bottom-Up or Top-Down Causation?

Michael Denton says that the evidence has been growing for top-down causation, which poses a challenge to reductionist and materialistic origins science. Source Read More Evolution News