Arthropod Architects Amaze Engineers

They appear in the early Cambrian fossil record: the first examples of the most diverse phylum on earth. Who knew their skills would become the envy of human engineers? Source…

Norm Macdonald’s God Hypothesis 

Norm casually took on the entire scientific community for “refusing to explore” what he considered the “fundamental question” of God’s existence. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Has Left a Legacy of Confusion over Biological Adaptation

Our ability to adapt to fantastically diverse circumstances did not result from the happenstance of environmental conditions. Source Read More Evolution News

“Ultracrepidarianism” — A Helpful New Word for a Problem in Science and Elsewhere

It alludes to an adage with roots in ancient Greece, “Let the cobbler not judge above the sandal.” That is, mind your own business. Source Read More Evolution News

Meyer on Front-Loaded Intelligent Design, and More

Stephen Meyer says he doesn’t have an in-principle objection to that idea. Source Read More Evolution News

Detecting Malicious Intent in Undisputed Design

Within clearly designed objects, malicious intents can lurk. Intelligent design theory handles those, too, and should. Source Read More Evolution News

Major “Ibero-American Intelligent Design Congress” Reaches the Spanish-Speaking World

I had fantastic translation assistance from a Summer Seminar alumnus and valued colleague, Quezia Salgado, and my talk went well. Source Read More Evolution News

Meyer: The Moral Law Within as Evidence for the God Hypothesis

Atheist Michael Shermer talks with Stephen Meyer about a fourth argument for theism. Source Read More Evolution News

Rats! Another Code Found in Whiskers

Neurons in a rat’s whiskers “represent multiple stimulus features in a tiled and continuous manner, thus encoding large regions of a complex sensory space.” Source Read More Evolution News

Science Uprising — “Big Bang: Something from Nothing?”

At lot hangs in the balance with the Big Bang, including the meaning of our lives. Source Read More Evolution News