Ten Reasons Why Birds Are Not Living Dinosaurs

Natural selection can explain “the survival of the fittest but not the arrival of the fittest.” Source Read More Evolution News

Great News — Stephen Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis Is a Bestseller!

That means that Dr. Meyer’s message is reaching not just the scientists but the greater reading public. Source Read More Evolution News

Explore Intelligent Design in Molecular Biology with Douglas Axe at DiscoveryU

Dr. Axe devotes a lecture to scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s objection to intelligent design based on supposedly “stupid design” in nature. Source Read More Evolution News

A New Interview with Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig

To those who say ID advocates are only critical of Darwinism because they are not sufficiently versed in genetics, I have a two-word reply. Source Read More Evolution News

Why an Argument for God’s Existence Is Scientific

Atheist evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is a fountain of nonsensical arguments against the existence of God. Source Read More Evolution News

A Tweet Representing the Core Challenge We Face

Christian Landry is the Principal Investigator of a lab at Laval University in Quebec, doing really interesting work on cellular networks. Source Read More Evolution News

Scott Turner: New Video Series on His Model for Evolution

Darwin’s ideas have become a flashpoint in the culture, so any discussion of the science can easily become highly polarized and politicized. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwin in Kindergarten: Brought to You by the National Science Foundation

The NSF awarded almost $1.5 million for “Evolving Minds in Early Elementary School: Foundations for a Learning Sequence on Natural Selection Using Stories.” Source Read More Evolution News

Experiments on “Self-Replicating” RNA Indicate the Need for Intelligent Agency in Life’s Origin

Any evolving system of RNAs would quickly include almost exclusively RNAs that performed no biologically useful actions. Source Read More Evolution News

New Article Purports to Help Explain the Origin of the Genetic Code

Without all of the described investigator interventions, a system of replicating RNAs could never emerge or even sustain itself. Source Read More Evolution News