‘Reagan’ film finally lands release date after delays; first look at Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan

A film adaptation of President Ronald Reagan’s life starring Dennis Quaid has officially landed a release date. Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega finding comfort in God, prayers after tragic loss of daughter

Actors Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega have publicly shared the tragic passing of their daughter, who was delivered as a stillborn, saying that grief “comes in waves,” but they’re finding…

Tributes pour in as Gospel singer Gabe Patillo loses battle with cancer

A Gospel singer associated with a popular Christian artist has died of cancer, prompting Christian music organizations and bands to offer tributes.  Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Moving Holocaust film ‘Irena’s Vow’ sheds light on resilience of Polish Catholic during WWII

The Holocaust film “Irena’s Vow” captures the resilience and heroism of one woman during World War II. Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Jill Duggar Dillard reveals stillbirth of daughter 4 months into pregnancy, asks for prayers

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband, Derrick, revealed the stillbirth of their daughter, Isla Marie Dillard, after the four month of pregnancy. Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Bill Maher ‘respects’ absolutist position, says abortion is murder and he’s ‘OK’ with that’

HBO host Bill Maher prompted silence from his audience on Friday’s episode of “Real Time” when he acknowledged that abortion is murder while suggesting he’s “OK” with it because there…

Kirk Cameron says Hollywood is dark place with too much perversion: ‘God has exposed them’

Former child actor Kirk Cameron opened up this week about the unsettling behavior he witnessed from his former dialogue coach Brian Peck, a convicted sex offender and one of the…

Danica McKellar praises God 2 years after accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior: ‘I feel blessed’

Actress Danica McKellar praised God on the second anniversary of her decision to give her life to Jesus Christ.  Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Moses docuseries ranks among Netflix’s top 10; producers say viewers find ‘meaning’ in Bible stories

“Testament: The Story of Moses,” a three-part docuseries about the Old Testament hero Moses, has ranked among the top 10 most popular series on Netflix since its release in March. …

Former psychic blasts Fox News for divination segment with astrologer: ‘Extra deception’

Jenn Nizza, a former psychic who repented of occult practices, blasted Fox News for inviting an astrologer on “Fox & Friends” last week to interpret the solar eclipse and read…

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