Is Genesis Just One of the Many Creation Myths?

If multiple disparate cultures recorded similar stories of the world’s beginning, isn’t it possible these ancient peoples derived clues from the nature around them about the world’s actual beginning? Read…

V.P. Kamala Harris Omits Constitutional Right

You can’t have liberty without a life to live freely. And, unless these rights come from God, all we have is what the state offers. Read More Breakpoint

Relationships Are Key to Long-Term Health

Because humans are made in the image of the God who is Trinity, relationships are as much a part of our created design, as eating, sleeping, working, and breathing. Read…

Colorado Continues to Treat a Cake Baker Unfairly, New Insights into Mass Shooters and ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?

John and Maria discuss what appears to be a vendetta against Jack Phillips and some striking patterns are found in a new study of mass shooters.   — Recommendations — …

Tony Dungy Has Convictions

NFL coaching legend and commentator Tony Dungy is under fire for speaking at the March for Life. Read More Breakpoint

When Artificial Intelligence Makes Art, What Becomes of the Artist?

What is “art” in a world where artificial intelligence can not only replicate nearly any image, but produce original images with superior skill and precision?  Read More Breakpoint

Evidence for King David

Recently, scholars announced another breakthrough discovery relating to Israel’s King David. Read More Breakpoint

Trans “Medicine” Based on Bad Science: New Study Debunks “Dutch Protocol” Research

The science for medical gender transitions for children and teenagers is far from settled, and we should have no patience for those who say otherwise.  Read More Breakpoint

NHL Player Refuses Pride Jersey

Last week, Philadelphia Flyers hockey player Ivan Provorov refused to wear a jersey for the NHL’s Pride Night.  Read More Breakpoint

American Life Expectancy Continues to Fall

According to a CDC report released in December, the life expectancy of Americans fell by about seven months in 2021, reaching the lowest point in two decades. Read More Breakpoint

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