Graduation Speeches and Metamodernism

John and Maria will look at two commencement speeches that drew criticism this week and the philosophical shift from post-modernism to something called Metamodernism.   Recommendations When We Can’t Remember Why Wrong…

Solzhenitsyn at Harvard: A Graduation Speech to Remember

Soviet dissident Nobel Prize winner had prophetic words for America. __________ To learn more about Alliance Defending Freedom, visit Read More Breakpoint

Arizona Overturns Abortion Ban

The bipartisan support is a blow to the right to life. Read More Breakpoint

The Fertility of the Religious

Christians know that babies are blessings, not burdens. __________ To learn more about Colson Fellows, go to Read More Breakpoint

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

Some feminists are seeing why sex only for fun harms women. Read More Breakpoint

Remembering Francis Schaeffer

How one of the greatest modern prophets left a legacy of compassion tethered to truth. __________ Get your free copy of The Christian Mind by going to Read More…

Grandma Was Right About Going to Church

It turns out going to church is good for mental health. Read More Breakpoint

God Not Only Created the World, He (Still) Holds It Together

New book explores God’s intimate and active role in sustaining His creation. __________ To receive your copy of The Begining and End of All Things, visit Read More Breakpoint

Russia’s Bad Habits

The Kremlin and its modern-day oppression of Christians. Read More Breakpoint

Chuck Colson Remembers Monica, Mother of “Many Tears”

Take heart, mothers; keep praying for your children. __________ Support the ongoing production of Breakpoint at  Read More Breakpoint

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