Yawn: Atheist YouTuber “Professor Dave” Rants about Intelligent Design

In the end, Farina’s potshots against intelligent design and Discovery Institute  completely miss their targets. Source Read More Evolution News

Professor: We Shouldn’t Necessarily Value Humans Over Other Animals

NYU environmentalism prof Jeff Sebo argues that humans are not always rational and that some animals display mental qualities so we aren’t exceptional. Source Read More Evolution News

2022 YouTube Film Festival: Fire-Maker

Think of it: from computers to airplanes to life-giving medicines, the technological marvels of our world were made possible by this human use of fire. Source Read More Evolution News

Man, with His Special Place in Nature, Was Designed to Use Fire

Only a special type of being very close to our own biological design could have taken the first and vital step to technological enlightenment, fire-making. Source Read More Evolution News

Listen: Ignaz Semmelweis Against the “Experts”

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Dangerous Minds: Revealing Evidence of Intelligent Design

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Is There Really No Evidence for the Multiverse? (Video)

Some people believe the multiverse theory explains the appearance of fine-tuning in the universe? Is this true? Is there any evidence for the existence of a multiverse? Detective Jimmy Wallace…

Another Claim by Origin-of-Life Researchers Dissolves on Inspection

This experiment, like all previous ones, reinforces the view that life was the product of intelligent design. Source Read More Evolution News

Dark Ages? Three Myths about Christianity and Science

From May 22-31, the Center for Science & Culture is running a film festival. Today we feature a video hosted by historian of science Michael Keas. Source Read More Evolution…

Why Cats Can Remember Other Cats’ Names

University of Kyoto scientists found that they can indeed remember, provided they live in the same household. Source Read More Evolution News