Why a “Budding” Neuroscientist Is Skeptical of Brain Scans

A major thrust of neuroscience has been the use of fMRI to correlate brain activity with thinking and to draw conclusions about the physical basis of the mind. Source Read…

Summer Seminar Application Deadline Extended to April 30

One of the biggest activities that I missed while living abroad in South Africa doing my PhD was participating in Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars. Source Read More Evolution News

Why a Department of Atheism at the University Proves the Existence of God (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast S7E06)

As atheism continues to grow on university campuses, some academic institutions, like the University of Miami, are establishing departments to advance the cause of atheism, secularism, and humanism. But do…

Webinar with John West: “Darwin’s Three Big Ideas That Impacted Humanity”

Darwinian theory is a more than just an idea about origins. The reasons it arouses the passion it does go beyond science. Source Read More Evolution News

Ten Reasons Why Birds Are Not Living Dinosaurs

Natural selection can explain “the survival of the fittest but not the arrival of the fittest.” Source Read More Evolution News

Great News — Stephen Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis Is a Bestseller!

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Explore Intelligent Design in Molecular Biology with Douglas Axe at DiscoveryU

Dr. Axe devotes a lecture to scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s objection to intelligent design based on supposedly “stupid design” in nature. Source Read More Evolution News

What’s the Christian Debate Over the Age of the Earth?

The creation period described in the Book of Genesis is of great interest to many Christians. As a result, much discussion occurs within Christianity related to the nature of the…

A New Interview with Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig

To those who say ID advocates are only critical of Darwinism because they are not sufficiently versed in genetics, I have a two-word reply. Source Read More Evolution News

Biola’s New Undergrad Degree in Bible, Theology, and Apologetics – Sean McDowell

I interview Dr. James Petitfils about the new Bachelor’s degree in Bible, theology, and apologetics. He talks about what makes it unique and timely. Read More Sean McDowell