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Tabletalk encourages Christians to dig deeper into God’s Word in order that their lives may be transformed through the renewal of their minds. People all over the world read this discipleship magazine on a daily basis to help them live biblically informed lives.

For a limited time, you can save 55% on Tabletalk when you subscribe or renew your subscription for three years. At only $49, that’s $1.36 per issue.

With your three-year subscription or renewal, not only will you receive a high-quality slipcase to store your issues of Tabletalk, but we will also send you a free Burning Bush Journal. Stamped with the prominent symbol of the Protestant Reformation, this journal is a durable and dependable companion to your daily Bible study. This offer ends Saturday, October 30. While supplies last.


A special 55% discount
A high-quality Tabletalk slipcase
A free 80-page journal
Daily Bible studies
Monthly articles from gifted theologians
An effective one-year Bible reading plan
Digital access to current and past issues
Online-exclusive content
Exclusive resource offers

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