Should Christians Be Skeptical About Counseling? – Nate Brooks

In this episode of TGC Q&A’s biblical counseling series, Nate Brooks answers the question, “Should Christians be skeptical about counseling?” He addresses:

  • Encouraging reluctant people toward counseling (:35)
  • Allowing others to see our struggles (2:03)
  • Patience for others (2:47)
  • Prayer for others (4:05)
  • Talking about counseling in a helpful way (3:55)
  • The first step in seeking counseling (7:03)
  • Thankfulness for God’s leadership toward godly counsel (5:25)
  • Bringing along a friend as an advocate in counseling (8:32)
  • What makes for a good counselor (10:25)
  • Good counselors are good listeners (10:49)
  • Good counselors are scripturally wise (11:36)
  • Trusting biblical counselors—wise advice vs. biblical commands (14:33)
  • Encouragement for those wanting to be biblical counselors (20:13)

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