Let’s Talk: Hospitality in Different Contexts – Jasmine Holmes

Please note that this conversation on hospitality was pre-recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this conversation encourages you to show hospitality once it is safe to gather again.

On today’s episode of Let’s Talk, Jasmine Holmes, Jackie Hill Perry, and Melissa Kruger talk about welcoming friends and strangers into their homes. Hospitality comes naturally to some, but to others it feels intimidating, intrusive, or just optional. But more than once, the Bible commands Christians to show hospitality (e.g., 1 Pet. 4:9).

Inviting others into your home can feel like a lot of work. Melissa admits that nearly every time she has guests over, she says to her husband, “Now why are we doing this?” That feeling is normal: “The good the Lord wants us to do, we’re always going to be tempted not to do,” Melissa says. “And I feel that almost every time. And I think knowing that you’re going to feel it has helped me push through it.” By the time her guests leave, she’s usually really glad they came.

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