The Atlanta Shootings, Competing Narratives, and the Blame Game – BreakPoint This Week

John Stonestreet and Maria Baer discuss the top events impacting culture this week. They highlighted the recent shootings in Atlanta, digging into the narratives and blaming evangelicals face from a number of people making sense of the situation.

Maria presents the border crisis, highlighting the humanitarian concerns specifically impacting young people. John provides an understanding of the situation, while he and Maria give a Christian perspective to support children and parents as the crisis is likely to grow in the coming weeks. In closing, Maria brings special attention to gratitude in a number of virtues that make the United States a blessed place to live, and John references an important quote from Chuck Colson to guide our attention as we understand the privilege of living in America.

To close, Maria introduces a story on a new Zionist Congress being established by young Jews who are facing persecution. John and Maria share important realities on the spiritual component of racism that is impacting our country.

In sharing recommendations John highlights the inspirational story that led Dick Hoyt to over four decades of various marathon events with his son. Dick passed away this week at eighty-years-old. Maria shares a family tradition of honoring Passover with a recommendation for audience members to participate in a Seder meal.

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