Searching for Noah’s Ark: The Latest Discoveries (ft. Titus Kennedy) – Sean McDowell

What do the latest excavations reveal about the search for Noah’s ark? Is it possibly in Iran or the mountains of Ararat? Read More Sean McDowell

From Marxian Feminism to Faith (Amazing Story of Kelley Keller) – Sean McDowell

What would encourage a young woman to become a Christian, abandon faith, embrace Marxian feminism, go through a season of doubt, and then come back to faith? Read More Sean…

Escaping a Pseudo-Christian Polygamous Cult (w/ Naomi Wright) – Sean McDowell

Naomi Wright is the daughter of a pseudo-Christian cult leader. She was raised within mainstream culture and public school education, where no one knew. Read More Sean McDowell

The Secret to Knowing God’s Will (and Making Great Decisions) – Sean McDowell

How can we know God’s will? And how can we make biblical, wise decisions? I am convinced there are more myths about how God speaks than any other biblical issue…

Human Trafficking: Stories that ROCKED me (and Gospel Hope) – Sean McDowell

Millions are in slavery today. What is the church’s role in ending human trafficking? Dr. Eddie Byun, author of “A Light in the Darkness” shares on this topic. Read More…

Understanding the Gender Revolution: Christianity and the Transgender Movement – Sean McDowell

What is the worldview behind the gender revolution? Is it compatible with Christianity? How should Christians respond? Read More Sean McDowell

Stop Offering Truth Too Quickly (A Lesson from the Parables of Jesus) – Sean McDowell

Why did Jesus teach through parables? Sean suggests an often-overlooked reason that has practical implications for teaching the next generation about truth. Read More Sean McDowell

Stunned by Near-Death Experiences: A Doctor’s Investigation – Sean McDowell

What does a Doctor have to say about life after death? And what evidence convinced him to believe that the evidence for the afterlife is remarkably strong? Read More Sean…

The Humanist Story . . . and My Response – Sean McDowell

What is Humanism? How Significant is the Humanist worldview today? Sean and Scott discuss the recent book Humanly Possible, by Sarah Bakewell. Read More Sean McDowell

Atheism vs. Christianity: What is the State of the Debate? (ft. Jeff Lowder) – Sean McDowell

How would an atheist assess Christian apologetics today? What do an atheist and a Christian have in common? How does he assess the New Atheist movement. Read More Sean McDowell

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