What are the Best Podcasts on Faith, Culture, and Sports? My top 8. – Sean McDowell

Sean shares his eight favorite podcasts on faith, culture, politics, and sports. Read More Sean McDowell

BREAKING NEWS: Mt. Ebal Curse Tablet UPDATE – Sean McDowell

Have archaeologists uncovered an ancient proto-Hebrew curse tablet? Dr. Stripling gives his first interview since the release of a journal article its defense. Read More Sean McDowell

Not Radical Enough: A Conversation with David Platt – Sean McDowell

What is the “American Gospel”? And what does it mean to leave it behind and follow Jesus? Sean talks with David Platt about his latest book Don’t Hold Back. Read…

The Latest Evidence for Jesus (Interview) – Sean McDowell

What is the latest evidence for Jesus? In this interview, Sean answers five questions about his latest book with his father: Evidence for Jesus. Read More Sean McDowell

The Worldview Behind Yearbook – Sean McDowell

Is there really a biblical way to see everything? What about Yearbook? Sean addresses a recent question he was asked by an educator. Read More Sean McDowell

Real Life Story of an (Ex) Teen Witch – Sean McDowell

What was it like to move into a haunted house at 13? Why would a teen witch choose to follow Jesus? Sean interviews Sarah Anne Sumpolec about her story. Read…

The Biblical View of Sex (2 Purposes) – Sean McDowell

Our culture is deeply confused about the nature of freedom. This video is a talk Sean gave at a HS chapel. He lays out God’s view of freedom and sex.…

Why You Can Trust the Old Testament (2 BIG Questions) – Sean McDowell

Has the OT been copied faithfully? How do we know we got the right books? Sean talks with Dr. John Mead about these questions and more. Read More Sean McDowell

Murder Is Not Inhumane – Sean McDowell

It is inhumane to commit murder? The answer depends on what we mean by “in humane.” If we mean evil, then yes. If we mean “not human,” then no. Read…

Martyrdom, Faith, and God: A Dialogue at Texas A&M – Sean McDowell

Is there anything worth dying for? Can we know which religion is true? In this video, Sean has a discussion with Texas A&M professor Dr. Vess (Veritas Forum) Read More…

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