Michael Keas Debunks Science-Faith Warfare Myth

“Scientists do love a good story,” says Keas. “Turns out there are plenty of stories we shouldn’t believe.” Source Read More Evolution News

Dear Transhumanists: Do You Really Want to Live Forever?

A life of meaning is what we truly need, and perhaps what we most deeply desire. Source Read More Evolution News

Fossil Friday: Elephants and the Abrupt Origin of Proboscidea

Is this what Darwinism would predict? Of course not! Is it instead what intelligent design theory would predict? Indeed it is. Source Read More Evolution News

Another Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist for Intelligent Design

Compton joins fellow Nobel Prize-winning physicists Charles Townes (UC Berkeley) and Brian Josephson (Cambridge University) who have likewise come out for ID. Source Read More Evolution News

Biologist Advocates Biology Without Species; What Could Go Wrong?

So what is real, according to Brent Mishler? Only phylogeny — the tree of evolutionary descent. Source Read More Evolution News

Near-Death Research Slowly Fills in the Picture

When an 87-year-old man was having his brain scanned, he died — unexpectedly — of a heart attack. So, the scan recorded his unanticipated final brain activity. Source Read More…

Paul Nelson Diagnoses the Decline of “Groundbreaking Science”

Science writer John Horgan posits that we have already made most of the big breakthroughs there are to make. Source Read More Evolution News

Chasing an Eagle in the Amazon

“The bird flew away, the man snatched up his tripod, and thus began the most impressive nature-related feat I’ve ever seen a human do.” Source Read More Evolution News

Darwin, We Have a Problem: Horse Teeth Are Not Less Evolved

Time to debunk another evolutionary story by questioning underlying Darwinian assumptions about how things came to be. Source Read More Evolution News

The Elephant in the Science Lab

I have been seeking to describe the science of purpose. Now it is worth getting down to the basics of what science actually is and how it works. Source Read…

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