Paper Digest: Application of Animal Forms in Auto Styling

The preeminence of design in nature and the utility of mimicking natural designs is a concept championed by the intelligent design community. Source Read More Evolution News

Fossil Friday: Ichthyosaur Birth, Another Evolutionist Just-So Story Falls Apart

This is not how good science is supposed to work but is rather typical for pseudoscience that shields itself against empirical falsification. Source Read More Evolution News

Life Without Purpose — The Fundamental Flaw

The fundamental flaw in the conventional approach to understanding life is that we think we can fully understand the whole by looking at the individual parts. Source Read More Evolution…

Can a Brainless Jellyfish Learn? How About Individual Cells? Do Molecules Communicate?

Cells are intelligent, in a way. But that fact is a much better argument for intelligent design than for the idea that the human intellect is insignificant. Source Read More…

Four Troublesome Trend Lines for Evolution

Taken as a totality, they make “zero sense in the context” of classic evolutionary theory. Source Read More Evolution News

Another Headache for the RNA World Theory

Before a trial and error process like natural selection can even get started, self-replicating molecules must have a minimal accuracy rate. Source Read More Evolution News

Jay Richards on Babel, Berlinski, and “Science After Darwin”

Something really came undone in the Covid era. Now, the phrase “science says” or “doctors say” prompts a smirk from about half the population.  Source Read More Evolution News

Former “Junk DNA,” STRs Found to Be “Rheostats” that “Precisely Regulate Gene Expression”

Rheostats are “often used as power control devices, for example to control light intensity (dimmer), speed of motors, heaters, and ovens.” Source Read More Evolution News

Livestream “The Miracle of Man” This Weekend!

All of our keynote sessions and most popular breakout sessions will be streamed, and you’ll have through Sunday, October 8, to watch. Source Read More Evolution News

Try to Write Instructions for a Femur; Go On, Just Try

Professor Behe invites us to join him for a sobering thought experiment: attempting to build an instruction manual for a human femur bone. Source Read More Evolution News

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