A Failed Attempt to Turn Darwin into Wilberforce

Nice try, Desmond and Moore. But criticizing Darwinian evolution does not make one a racist. The real Darwin is a far more ambiguous and conflicted figure. Source Read More Evolution…

Gilson: How a Teacher Wrecked Biology for Me, and How I Got Past It

His biology teacher could take an entire class period to tell Charles Darwin’s life story, and then repeat the same class, virtually verbatim. Source Read More Evolution News

Robert J. Marks on Fox News: You Are Not Going to Be AI’s “Pet”

Regarding ChatGPT, Dr. Marks said one of its biggest problems is its evident bias. Source Read More Evolution News

Engineering Language Enters Biology — The Case of the Endosome

An automated engineering system presupposes a designer with foresight and a mind that understands how to make things work. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwin and the “Eyre Affair”: A Speculative Tale

October 7, 1865, saw a revolt break out in Jamaica in which 18 officials and militia men were killed by members of the freed black population. Source Read More Evolution…

Let’s Help Harvard Understand Intelligent Design

It was disappointing to see the inaccurate representation of ID, along with the poor scientific epistemology. Source Read More Evolution News

The Role of Learning in the Honey Bee Waggle Dance

Learning is largely a programmed behavior, governed by a type of algorithm, particularly for animals with limited cognitive ability. Source Read More Evolution News

Pushing Insect Welfare

Of course, we know that insects are not inanimate. A fly senses when you try to swat it. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwin and Agassiz: An Imaginary Picture

Given the close relationship Louis Agassiz shared with pro-slavery factions in the South, Desmond and Moore focus much on Darwin’s relationship with Agassiz. Source Read More Evolution News

Depths of Design: Talking Boxes

Our talking boxes take our requests, run their routines, and send out results but understand nothing, whether or not they’re made in China. Source Read More Evolution News

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