To Understand the Meaning of a Solar Eclipse

The rare places where observers can exist are also the best places for observing. The universe seems to be designed not just for life but also for discovery. Source Read…

Does the Panda Argument Hurt the Case for Evolution?

Gould cannot have it both ways: either theology-laden arguments are legitimate within scientific discourse or not. Source Read More Evolution News

Synergies All the Way Down 

Examples of synergy cited by Peter Corning include multicellularity; sexual reproduction; emperor penguins huddling together for warmth.  Source Read More Evolution News

Life with Screens: A Novelist’s Prophetic Warning

David Foster Wallace foresaw the rise of the Internet and its pantheon of seductions. Source Read More Evolution News

Intelligent Design Beyond Physics — How Would a Designer Interact with the Universe?

If our minds are “other” than the matter composing our brains, then there must be a means by which the immaterial mind can affect our brains.  Source Read More Evolution…

Meyer and Tour on New Critiques of Origin-of-Life Research

Biochemist Nick Lane and bio-engineer Joana Xavier have given a sobering assessment of the origin-of-life research field. Source Read More Evolution News

C. S. Lewis on Natural Selection’s Power, or Lack of It

What were C. S. Lewis’s real views on evolution and intelligent design? Dr. John West explores the topic. Source Read More Evolution News

Does a Suboptimal Panda’s Thumb Fit Better with Evolution than with Intelligent Design?

Just how much does evolution expect suboptimal structures? And just how much does intelligent design expect optimal ones? Source Read More Evolution News

The War on 2 + 2 = 4

The people weighing in against 2 + 2 = 4 are not mathematicians but in education departments where they teach the teaching of mathematics. Source Read More Evolution News

Fact Check: A “Monumental” Breakthrough in Understanding Life’s Origin?

The lauding of Gerald Joyce’s research is pure hype. His results only further demonstrate the absolute necessity of intelligent agency. Source Read More Evolution News

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