How Faith Can Improve Rigor and Creativity in Scientific Research

Richard Buggs is a professor and Senior Research Leader at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the UK’s largest plant science research institutes. Source Read More Evolution News

Meyer, Shermer, Callen: “Can Science Find God?”

A key moment is when host Bryan Callen asks the classic “Who designed the designer?” question. Source Read More Evolution News

Let’s Explore How Cosmology Influenced Christianity

Many centuries prior to the rise of modern science, the philosophers of antiquity recognized the inherent rationality of the natural word. Source Read More Evolution News

Will This Proposal “Fix Science”?

There are many, many ways that science has stopped functioning. Certainly, one of them is that it incentivizes the wrong things. Source Read More Evolution News

How Other World Religions Point to Jesus (Video)

How much can we learn about Jesus if every New Testament manuscript was destroyed? What do other relgions say about Jesus of Nazareth? In this clip from J. Warner’s Person…

Science After Babel: An Exercise in Self-Criticism

Until the day before yesterday, the imperial architects of the scientific revolution were well satisfied and sleek as seals. Source Read More Evolution News

New! Philosopher and Mathematician David Berlinski on “Science After Babel”

“Many will read this book for the close, elegant reasoning, the astonishing erudition, or the mordant analysis. I confess I read it for the prose.” Source Read More Evolution News

Lies that Distort the Gospel (with Allen Parr) – Sean McDowell

Prosperity Gospel. Speaking in tongues to be saved. Word of Faith movement. In this video, Sean interviews Allen Parr about his new book MISLED. Read More Sean McDowell

Intelligence Metrics: Measuring the Degree of Intelligence in Design

I had the privilege of speaking on intelligence metrics. Here are my slides. I hope soon to develop this talk into a proper peer-reviewed paper. Source Read More Evolution News

UN Human Rights Recommendation Brands Abortion Restrictions “Racial Discrimination”

Simply as a matter of strategy, the just cause of eliminating racism should focus exclusively on fighting actual discriminatory policies. Source Read More Evolution News

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