Alfred Russel Wallace: Today’s Special Anniversary

“We may regretfully add Wallace to the Party’s list of obfuscating revisions. The good news is that the truth is still available for those who want to know.” Source Read…

Surprising Stories from Former Atheists (Dr. Jana Harmon) – Sean McDowell

Why would 50 atheists leave naturalism behind and become Christians? Sean interviews Dr. Jana Harmon about her compelling book Atheists Finding God. Read More Sean McDowell

Liquid Harmony: How Our Bodies Manage Salt and Water

Left to their own devices, the laws of nature tend toward degradation and death, not life. Source Read More Evolution News

Alfred Russel Wallace’s Bicentennial Year: A Cause for Celebration and for Sadness

All the hyperbole shows the fix is in — Wallace has been made safe for scientism and Darwinian reductionism. The academy can breathe easy. Source Read More Evolution News

The Thing I Most Admire About Mormons

Sean McDowell and I just returned from another trip to Utah. We’ve been training young Christians for years to take this trip, and this time around we brought 38 students…

Fossil Friday: The Mess of Arachnid Phylogeny, and Why I’ve Become More Skeptical of Common Descent

True skeptics should question everything, and not just everything apart from Darwinism and materialism. Source Read More Evolution News

New Thoughts on Evolution: Views of Professor Alfred Russel Wallace, O.M., F.R.S.

“The scales on the wings of a moth,” he said quietly, “have no explanation in Evolution. They belong to Beauty, and Beauty is a spiritual mystery.” Source Read More Evolution…

How We Balance Water and Sodium to Maintain Life

On their own, the laws of nature don’t tend toward life. To stay alive, living things utilize ingenious solutions. Source Read More Evolution News

The Sense of Hearing Is a Masterpiece of Engineering

It strains credulity to suppose that an unguided process of random variation sifted by natural selection could assemble such a delicately arranged system. Source Read More Evolution News

Defending Douglas Axe on the Rarity of Protein Folds

The following examination and defense of Dr. Axe serves as a direct, empirical test of Rope Kojonen’s design hypothesis. Source Read More Evolution News

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