Dangerous Minds: Revealing Evidence of Intelligent Design

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Is There Really No Evidence for the Multiverse? (Video)

Some people believe the multiverse theory explains the appearance of fine-tuning in the universe? Is this true? Is there any evidence for the existence of a multiverse? Detective Jimmy Wallace…

Another Claim by Origin-of-Life Researchers Dissolves on Inspection

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Dark Ages? Three Myths about Christianity and Science

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Why Cats Can Remember Other Cats’ Names

University of Kyoto scientists found that they can indeed remember, provided they live in the same household. Source Read More Evolution News

Meyer: Theistic Implications of the Multiverse

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The Top 20 Discoveries About Jesus Outside the Bible

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In His New Book, Denton Shows How Science Leads the Charge to Theism

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Weikart: In His Own Mind, White Supremacist Gunman Was Only Following the Science

President Biden this week said it is “running through our body politic.” If so, it’s strange that I’m not sure I’ve ever met a genuine white supremacist. Source Read More…

How God Used an Alphabet to Spell Out the Arrival of Jesus

It sometimes seems like an inevitability, doesn’t it? Every Christian holiday season, another skeptical article or news story attacking the deity of Jesus or the historicity of the holiday. While…