Michael Behe Answers More Reasonable Objections to Intelligent Design

Behe and Pat Flynn tackle critiques from Alvin Plantinga, Graham Oppy, Russell Doolittle, Kenneth Miller, and others. Source Read More Evolution News

Are There Different Responsibilities and Rewards in Heaven? (Podcast)

Christians understand our salvation is a free gift of God and cannot be earned in any way. But what happens to us in eternity? Do we all experience exactly the…

A Mystery: Prebiotic Synthesis of Simple Organic Monomers

In 2010, University College London biochemist Nick Lane stated the primordial soup theory “doesn’t hold water” and is “past its expiration date.” Source Read More Evolution News

Gene Sharing Is More Widespread than Thought, with Implications for Darwinism

Evidence is growing that organisms share existing genetic information horizontally, not just vertically. Source Read More Evolution News

Is Webb Breaking the Big Bang Paradigm?

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All Living Systems Must Process Energy, Store and Utilize Information, and Replicate

Louis Pasteur showed that what appeared to be life springing forth from nonliving matter was actually life emerging from exceedingly small living organisms. Source Read More Evolution News

Behe Answers Best Objections to Irreducible Complexity

Following the philosopher Alvin Plantinga, Pat Flynn says that some of the attacks on Behe have been hysterical, but some have been more thoughtful. Source Read More Evolution News

Did Life First Arise by Purely Natural Means?

Evolutionary theory and the development of the second law of thermodynamics are two of the three major scientific discoveries of the 19th century. Source Read More Evolution News

Did Jesus Impact Any Other World Religions?

What impact did Jesus have on world religions and what does this impact tell us about the historicity and deity of Christ? In this clip from an interview with Asher…

Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel Sells “Something from Nothing”: I’m Not Buying

In order to push this, he has to make some pretty big changes to our normal dictionary definition of what “nothing” means. Source Read More Evolution News