In the Image of God: The Battle for Human Identity

By Luke Nix Introduction Human origins is a fascinating area of research today. With all the different models for the origins of humanity being proposed, I see an increase in…

Navigating the Digital Age: Youth, Technology, and Social Media Survival

Is social media turning your kids into digital zombies? You wouldn’t believe how much time the average person will spend scrolling their phone in a lifetime, but the effects that…

To Dance at Two Weddings: Rope Kojonen’s Evolutionary Quest

According to a proverb, you can’t dance at two weddings at the same time. Dr. Kojonen believes that you can. Source Read More Evolution News

Answering the Problem of Evil and Suffering – Sean McDowell

Every worldview needs to explain why the world is broken. Which one best accounts for evil and suffering? Read More Sean McDowell

Intuitive Specified Complexity

Even though this series is titled “Specified Complexity Made Simple,” there’s a limit to how much the concept of specified complexity may be simplified before it can no longer be…

Specified Complexity Made Simple: The Historical Backdrop

What happened to change the fortunes of specified complexity in the mainstream scientific community? The intelligent design movement happened. Source Read More Evolution News

Can Evolution and Intelligent Design Work Together in Harmony?

Or is that wishful thinking? Casey Luskin concludes his conversation with philosopher Stephen Dilley about a recent proposal. Source Read More Evolution News

In Its Design, the Body’s Thermostat Resembles Human Technology

The existence of thermostatic control of our body temperature is not at all surprising supposing life to be the product of a purposeful engineer. Source Read More Evolution News

What Really Happened at the Huxley-Wilberforce Debate?

The stereotype portraying Wilberforce as the pompous bishop rejecting Darwin on theological grounds is easily dispelled. Source Read More Evolution News

The Most Important Question

By Michelle Johnson It wasn’t too long ago we finally finished putting the Christmas decorations away at our house. The process caused me to reminisce about the time we had…

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