The Downside of Anonymous Egg and Sperm Donations, The Church Ponders How to Minister to those who Identify as LGBT, and the Biblical View of Work

Children born as the result of anonymous sperm and egg donations and those adopted via a closed adoption don’t know their biological parents. John and Maria discuss the potential problems.…

Vermont School Banned for Taking a Stand

When faced with the prospect of having its girls’ basketball team play another school with a trans-identifying player, the Mid Vermont Christian School chose to forfeit. Read More Breakpoint

Big Tech Won’t Protect Our Kids: Parents Must

Earlier this month, social media behemoth TikTok announced that it would soon introduce new features designed to limit access to the app for users under 18. Read More Breakpoint

Will Doctors Be Held Accountable for Her Harm?

Over the past decade, the medical community has treated cases of gender dysphoria differently than other mind/body disorders.  Read More Breakpoint

The Radical Pro-Abortion Bills that Threaten Colorado

Recently, Colorado introduced a trio of radical new pro-abortion bills that, if passed, would make it the most hostile state for preborn life in the Union. Read More Breakpoint

BONUS: The Colson Fellows Program with Michael Craven

John Stonestreet welcomes Michael Craven to discuss the growth and impact of the Colson Fellows Program.  To learn more and apply for the program visit  Read More Breakpoint

Ke Huy Quan, the Oscars, and a Signal of Transcendence

Ke Huy Quan’s joy and gratitude were absolutely infectious and point to something deeper than mere nostalgia.   Read More Breakpoint

New Book Points to Signals of Transcendence

God can be seen, for those with eyes to see, in everything from the beautiful to the tragic to the mundane.  To receive a copy of Os Guinness’ latest book,…

Coach Deion Sanders Should Be Free to Pray

The Freedom From Religion Foundation accused NFL Hall of Famer and new University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders of forcing his Christian faith on student athletes. Read More Breakpoint

How Redefined Marriage Legally Robs Kids of What’s Best for Them

When lawmakers and politicians redefine the legal meaning of “marriage” and “family,” they do not make lies true. They create additional tragedy. Read More Breakpoint

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