Let’s Talk: Fear and Anxiety – Jackie Hill Perry

Is our country ever going to be the same? Will I give my parents COVID? Are my children spending too much time in front of screens? Most likely these questions, or others like them, have run through your mind in the past year. We live in an anxious age. If you sometimes feel like fear and anxiety are your roommates, you aren’t alone! But we don’t have to give fear and anxiety dominion over our lives or our minds.

In this episode of Let’s Talk, Jasmine, Jackie, and Melissa discuss coping with anxiety and how to be honest about what is frightening—without living in fear. Jasmine says that when she’s anxious, she turns to Psalm 16 because “the opposite of anxiety, for me, is joy.” She says, “My prayer when I’m feeling anxious is, ‘Bring me closer to your presence. Bring me into your presence, because I know that this anxiety can’t exist there.’”  

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