Using Fathers to Close Prisons – Dr. Anthony Bradley – BreakPoint Podcast with John Stonestreet

Dr. Anthony Bradley is mobilizing Fathers. His vision is to inspire dads to engage their children. He believes that in building strong fathering habits he can close prisons.

Bradley is the director of the Center for Human Flourishing at the Kings College. As a professor he mentors young men. He finds unique ways to use Twitter and other social media to inspire dads around the country to practice good fathering habits.

Bradley references the power of dad-play in the interview. He highlights what wrestling with a son does to their mental, emotional, spiritual, and social development. 

John Stonestreet presses Bradley to identify the key benefits fathering has on society. Bradley calls dads to have friends. He references statistics along with real world stories to guide listeners to see the power of friendship inside the life of young and old men alike. 

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