How Do I Find Hope in Suffering? – Paul Tripp

In the final episode of our biblical counseling series, Paul Tripp answers the question, “How do I find hope in suffering?” He addresses:
  • The role of lament in suffering (1:00)
  • Complaint vs. lament (1:25)
  • Darkness and lament that leads to hopefulness (3:33)
  • Hope from the Bible for the suffering (4:24)
  • Our understanding High Priest (6:55)
  • Finding hope in the already, not yet world (9:16)
  • Hopelessness as the doorway to hope (10:12)
  • How to renew your mind in suffering (12:43)
  • Speaking truth to yourself (14:07)
  • A four-step practice to renew the mind (16:48)
  • Combating the lie of unworthiness (18:42)

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