Who Am I?

Here’s an excerpt from Who Am I?, Burk Parsons’ contribution to the July issue of Tabletalk:

In the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic work Les Misérables, the protagonist Jean Valjean comes to a crisis point in his life when he becomes overwhelmed by his guilt as a former criminal and convicted felon. In a strikingly emotional scene, Valjean asks the penetrating question, “Who am I?” As he considers his past, his present, and his future, he wrestles with the reality of his guilt and his deserved condemnation before man and God. He is forced to question his identity and his integrity and to reckon with the innocence of a man falsely accused because he has been wrongly identified as Valjean. Though Valjean has escaped being known as a convict by changing his name and identity, he has to come to grips with the truth about who he really is—a convict whose prison number is 24601.

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