Resources for Parents Teaching Children About Healthy Sexuality and Marriage

Just a few decades ago, most parents weren’t thinking, “I better teach my children about marriage.” We would’ve expected them to learn about it by our example, from watching other married couples, and, perhaps, from some teaching at church or during wedding ceremonies.

But given our culture’s assault on this institution – including casual sex, cohabitation, adultery, divorce, and marriage redefinition to include same-sex couples – Christians must be committed to the health of our own marriages and intentional about raising our children to understand and honor God’s design for marriage.

These resources help parents teach their children – at all ages and stages – positive, biblical truths about sexuality and marriage.

This free, downloadable resource, created by Focus on the Family’s counseling and parenting departments, helps parents educate their children about sexuality. It gives objectives and methods for talking with children of all ages – from birth to age 18.


This resource explains the biblical foundation for marriage; gives information about why marriage is so important for adults, children and all society; and offers some practical suggestions for modeling married love and commitment to your children.


This free, downloadable PDF gives guidance and suggestions for talking about marriage to children at different ages and stages of their development. Even toddlers can begin to understand how God planned marriage for our good. Older children and teens also need ongoing teaching to understand what marriage is and why it’s so important.


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