Middle School Girls Told They Are Transgender

Middle school girls in a club in Colorado are being told that they are transgender simply if they are uncomfortable with their bodies. Leaders of the middle school Gay-Straight Alliance brought in a speaker who told sixth graders that “if they are not completely comfortable in their bodies, that means that they are transgender.” Two families are suing the school district for promoting the harmful ideas. 

Far from remedying a teenager’s discomfort with their bodies, these ideas worsen the discomfort, cause irreversible harms, and significantly increase chances of suicide, especially for girls.  

With unrealistic beauty standards and objectification, it’s no wonder girls feel unsettled in their bodies. But this doesn’t mean they were born in the wrong body. Rather than push controversial and dangerous ideologies that harm kids, parents, doctors, and educators should work to address the more immediate causes of body image issues, especially social media and pop culture. 

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