Deserved the Flood, Received the Ark – Melissa Kruger

“We deserved the flood. . . . We are given the Ark, and his name is Jesus.” –– Melissa Kruger

In her keynote message at TGCW22, Melissa Kruger uses the story of Noah and the flood to illustrate God’s unchanging character and grace. She points out three key takeaways:

1. God is just, therefore salvation is needed.

2. God is gracious, therefore salvation is provided.

3. God is powerful, therefore salvation is effective.

Kruger says the main point of the flood was that God, in his mercy, remembered Noah, pointing to our very real salvation in Christ—the true Ark. She challenges us to be sure we’re “in the Ark” and to warn others of the coming storm of judgment, beckoning them to the Ark with urgency.

With joy, we tell those in a discontent and disgruntled world that God is just, gracious, and powerful. Kruger ends with the encouragement that when we doubt, we can remember, “It’s not about you. It’s about the soundness of your Ark.”

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