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For decades, the evangelical church has seen an infusion of business philosophies and practices into the church. Now, in coordinated effort with the World Economic Forum Agenda 2030, business leaders are seeking to integrate distinctly religious terms and ideas into their practices. Though not referring to it by name, the post-millennial eschatological framework provides the foundation for their globalist, utopian vision. Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Investments, is our case study and exhibit A, in this talk by Andy Woodard. Cathie has elsewhere stated that the kingdom of God is coming in 2030, and it will come through disruptive innovation. One specific example is that of DNA sequencing and mapping the human genome. The aim is to eradicate disease through developing the ability to edit human DNA.

While dramatically expanded artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, DNA editing, and robotics that combine all of these might sound like the kingdom of God to the idealist they sound more like a dystopian, Left Behind, horror movie to the realist. When these “disruptive innovations” are cloaked in the garb of Jesus, you have the subject which is exposed in this talk by Andy Woodard, given at the Sovereign Nations, Mere Simulacrity Conference held in Phoenix in December 2022.

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