The Case for Heaven with Lee Strobel

Is there really an afterlife? Is there any evidence outside the Bible that we live on after death? What will Heaven be like?

The great Lee Strobel is back on the show with another wonderful “case” book, this one is called The Case for Heaven. Frank asks Lee several intriguing questions that are answered in his new book such as:

What evidence is there that we have a soul?
What do Near Death Experiences tell us about the afterlife?
How can we confirm that NDEs are real and not invented stories? (Some have been invented, but others verified.)
What is Hell like?
Is it possible that Hell is temporary?
Why would God punish someone eternally for temporal sin?
Where do we go when we die?
Is there are a chance to accept Christ after death?
What is Heaven really like? It’s not one long church service, is it?

If Heaven is real (and it is), you don’t want to miss it!

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