BreakPoint This Week: Chuck Colson’s Birthday, Loudon County’s School Board Abuses, and Euthanasia Denied

John and Maria reflect on Chuck Colson’s legacy that endures at the Colson Center, and is also powerfully visible in Prison Fellowship and the Angel Tree ministry.

Maria then asks John for clarity on the situation unfolding in Loudon County. There are allegations that the school board in Loudon County failed to act in responding to abuse by a student identifying as a transgender girl. 

To close, John unpacks the inner workings of the euthanasia movement through the story of a woman in Columbia who is battling ALS. Columbia recently provided provision for terminally ill people to receive euthanasia, but this woman’s disease doesn’t qualify her for the procedure. John also discusses the faithfulness of her grandmother and how aging and dying with dignity is more whole in a Christian worldview. 

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