The Equality Act’s Cultural Impact and Our Responsibility – BreakPoint Podcast

We’re not crying wolf with the proposed and mis-named Equality Act. Instead we’re standing on the shore watching the tsunami of redefinition and rewiring of hearts, minds, and souls grow closer and closer. This version of the Equality Act presents with more support and more potential to be enacted than at any point in history. John is sounding the alarm, sharing a discussion he had with a number of educators regarding the potential cultural impact of the proposed bill.

We have discussed at length the legal aspects of the Equality Act. However, today we consider the cultural impact the Equality Act could have on our communities and families. God has placed us in a special time and specific location at this point in history. John discusses our responsibility to communicate the Gospel with the resources He has given us to address the brokenness of the world, specifically in the face of the Equality Act.


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