Podcast: The Gathering Storm (with Albert Mohler, Jr.) – Albert Mohler, Jr. and Scott Rae

How deeply has secularism infiltrated our society and the church? In his latest book, The Gathering Storm, Dr. Albert Mohler argues that Western civilization and the church stand at a consequential crossroads in regard to its future. Scott interviews Dr. Mohler about the ideologies threatening society as well as the church and how to best contend for the faith today.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been recognized as a leader among evangelicals by organizations such as Time and Christianity Today. He hosts “The Briefing,” which is a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview and “Thinking in Public,” a series of conversations with the day’s leading thinkers. He is the author of multiple books including The Gathering Storm.

Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically

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