Christian Nationalism – A Conversation with Mark Tooley and Andrew Walker – BreakPoint Podcast

Civil religion united America in the past. However there is a movement afoot that seems to cloak itself in civil religion with the hope of establishing a Christian nationalistic ideal. 

Following a recent exchange on Twitter, John Stonestreet called on Mark Tooley and Andrew Walker to discuss the current political movements and how they can impact Christianity.

Mark and Andrew discuss the future of America in a post-Christian, pseudo-Christian context. The pair believe there needs to be a resurgence in building institutional Christianity vs. a social movement towards evangelicalism. 

Mark and Andrew call for a greater unity in the church to provide stronger discipleship in online relationships. They both beleive there needs to be better thinking in political involvement, sharing that we’re likely giving Washington way more of our attention than it deserves. 

Mark Tooley is the President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) – Editor of IRD’s magazine Providence.

Dr. Andrew Walker is the Associate professor of Christian Ethics and Apologetics, Associate Dean for the School of Theology, and the Director of the Carl F H Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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