What We Learned from the Amy Coney Barrett Hearing

Can you remember a time when a Supreme Court nomination hearing wasn’t a blood sport? How has approving the nomination of a Supreme Court justice become such a partisan affair? John Stonestreet and Shane Morris provide their insights–as well as their thoughts on Merriam-Webster changing the definition of “preference” within 24 hours of the bogus dust-up over whether or not people choose their orientation.

Also on today’s episode: A conservative Christian and a liberal question have a civil discussion about God and LGBTQs. But at what point does liberal Christianity cease to be Christian at all? And why does the scientific establishment hate, just hate, Intelligent Design theory?

John and Shane wrap up the episode with their recommendations of the week: Trevin Wax’s new book, Rethink Yourself, and the Colson Center’s next Short Course: “How Four Christians from History Confronted Cultural Chaos”


Another Gospel by Alisa Childers, available with your next gift of any amount to BreakPoint and the Colson Center

Why Jesus Proves Progressive Christianity Another Gospel – Colson Center Webinar with Alisa Childers

“How Four Christians from History Confronted Cultural Chaos,” register for the next Colson Center Short Course

Sen. John Kennedy questions Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, You Tube

“Why Progressive Christianity Is Another Gospel,” by John Stonestreet, BreakPoint

LGBTQ+ Against God’s Design? Progressive VS Conservative Christian, You Tube

“Intelligent Design Passes Peer Review,” by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris, BreakPoint

Rethink Yourself: The Power of Looking Up Before Looking In, by Trevin Wax

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