Tim Keller on Race, Justice, and Other Uncontroversial Stuff – Matt Smethurst

Tim Keller, co-founder of TGC, has just completed a series of essays on the Bible’s view of race and justice—and how it compares to the reigning paradigms of our day. Altogether the series totals more than 37,000 words—a book-length treatment. Here are the installments:

  1. The Bible and Race” (2,700 words)
  2. The Sin of Racism” (4,600 words)
  3. A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory” (6,800 words; footnotes: 3,300)
  4. Justice in the Bible” (9,000 words; footnotes: 10,800)

Even if you do not finally agree with all of Keller’s conclusions, you will benefit from carefully reading and reflecting on these rich essays.

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