How Does COVID-19 Affect Kids and Babies? – Scott James

In the last episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, Dr. Scott James answers the question, “How does COVID-19 affect kids and babies?” He addresses:

  • What should I know about the effect on children and their ability to infect others with COVID-19? (:40)
  • Long-term outcomes (2:45)
  • Do babies respond well to COVID-19? What wisdom is there for parents during this pandemic? (3:25)
  • Very young infants and COVID-19 (4:39)
  • Encouragement for new parents in a pandemic (5:22)
  • How does your faith intersect with your work? (8:53)
  • Specific ways doctors can shepherd hurting people (10:51)
  • Encouragement for how Christians should view public health (13:18)

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