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When I began recording interviews for Help Me Teach the Bible in fall 2014, I didn’t have a grand plan. At that point I wouldn’t have said I had the goal of recording an episode on each book of the Bible, since that would have seemed like an overwhelming task and too much of a commitment. But I just kept doing interviews, and people kept finding the podcast and listening. I kept being stretched and informed and inspired by getting to have these conversations with people I admired who have helped me in my own teaching. And I have loved it.

The podcast now has an episode or two on every book of the Bible, as well as more than 60 topical episodes on various aspects of getting better at teaching the Bible. For this final* episode I asked my husband to turn the tables and interview me about the podcast itself, and I asked listeners to send in questions they wanted me to answer. We talked about how the idea for the podcast came about, why and how I interviewed the people I did, how my own teaching ministry has developed, and what some of my favorite conversations have been.

We will continue to re-release old episodes every couple of weeks. Because most podcast apps only offer a limited number of past episodes, we’ll start again from the beginning, posting the earliest episodes from the podcast, which means that the next episode will be an interview with John Piper on teaching the book of Philippians.

Listeners who want to communicate with me about the podcast can send me a message using the contact page at Thank you for listening. I hope it has been a help and blessing to you.

* I reserve the right to record a new episode here and there when I’m with someone brilliant who’s in a position to talk about something that would serve Help Me Teach the Bible listeners.

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