Kimberella — Conflicting Evidence from Taphonomy

Editor’s note: We are delighted to present a series of posts by paleontologist Günter Bechly on the Ediacaran organism Kimberella. If identified as an animal, it would “predate the Cambrian explosion of bilaterian animal phyla as a kind of ‘advance guard.’” The question is of interest for debates about evolution and arguments about intelligent design raised by Stephen Meyer, among others. Find the full series about Kimberella here. Kimberella fossils have only been recorded from stratigraphic layers with wave-rippled storm sands that must have been deposited in tidally influenced but shallow marine habitats beneath oxygenated bottom waters (Fedonkin et al. 2017b, Gehling et al. 2014, Bowyer et al. 2017). This was considered evidence for a relatively high physiological oxygen demand, suggesting motility Read More ›


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