Let’s Talk: Decision-Making – Jasmine Holmes

Some decisions, like whom to marry, are big and will affect the rest of your life. Other decisions aren’t as momentous, but they feel just as big.

On this episode of Let’s Talk, Melissa Kruger, Jackie Hill Perry, and Jasmine Holmes talk about some of the big decisions they have made in life. They recognize that wise decisions come from seeking godly counsel, praying, meditating on God’s Word. But even when a person does these things, the right decision isn’t always abundantly clear.

Jasmine points out that we treat some decisions as if we are going to be bound by them forever. In the case of marriage we are, but when it comes to other things we agonize over (such as school choice or the purchase of a home), we can make the best choice based on our current knowledge, and recalibrate sometime in the future if we need to. Wrestling through decisions isn’t easy, but seeking God’s guidance increases our reliance on him.

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