Have You Hit Adulthood and Find Yourself Wondering, “Is This It?”

Is This It

Sooner or later we all discover that adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It turns out to be harder—and sometimes more ordinary—than we were led to believe. While we’re all familiar with midlife crises, people in their twenties and thirties are increasingly experiencing a phenomenon called the quarter-life crisis. What once seemed like the routine transition from adolescence to adulthood has changed, disrupted by new social and economic realities.

As a result, many young adults feel that all the expectations of “adulting” are beyond reach. Traditional assumptions of adult life have exploded in their faces: they’re unmarried, dissatisfied at work, childless, or just plain bored.

To some, this sounds like a simple lack of maturity. But for many in their twenties and thirties (and some much older), the conventional vision of maturity characterized by financial security, family life, and home ownership has not materialized. What does mature adulthood look like when not framed by earthly expectations?

The Bible has a fuller vision for maturity. Is This It? helps young adults, and people of any age, exchange a sense of inadequacy for a deeper, more biblical understanding of Christian maturity. In this winsome book, young author Rachel Jones reframes growing up in terms of becoming more like Christ. She describes a courageous, compassionate, convictional maturity that far exceeds traditional expectations of adulthood.

Tackling topics like decision-making, nostalgia, work, loneliness, marriage, aging, meaning, and doubt, Is This It? offers helpful reflections on finding contentment by looking to Christ.

Is This It? offers a wonderfully biblical corrective to the cultural definition of maturity that overemphasize material success or social standing. The book points us to the Word of God, reminding us that the goal of the Christian life is to be “mature and complete, not lacking anything” (James 1:4, NIV).

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