How Do We Care for Families Who Have Gone Through Miscarriage? – Rebekah Hannah

In this episode of the TGC Q&A biblical counseling series, Rebekah Hannah answers the question, “How can we care for families who have gone through miscarriage?” She addresses:

  • Caring for a friend after a miscarriage (1:10)
  • Speaking too quickly (2:05)
  • Commiseration vs. hope (2:47)
  • Minimizing pain (3:18)
  • Promising what God has not (3:55)
  • Saying nothing at all (4:40)
  • Church support following perinatal loss (5:25)
  • Learning from the stories of God’s people (7:13)
  • Practical service (8:00)
  • Grieving with hope (8:43)
  • Truth doesn’t end pain, but gives it value (10:53)
  • When you feel hopeless (11:32)
  • Sin and suffering as effects of the fall that have been overcome by Christ (12:20)

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