Thank You Ravi

The image below came up on my memories feed this morning on Facebook. Just 3 years ago Ravi expressed his strong and encouraging words when Nabeel Quereshi was facing the fact that he would be going home to be with Jesus soon. Ravi is such an outstanding man and soon our world will be without an amazing christian leader.

However, we know where he will be going so we don’t need to lose hope. He has done so much in his life and to see how he has helped so many people is amazing. When Nabeel died I realized we need more people like him. I watched all of Nabeel’s teachings and debates since I enjoy studying Islam and found him to be caring and respectful in his words and tone. Once the grief subsided I realized that we can’t depend on just one or two strong christians to take on defending the faith. It takes us all to know what we believe and why.

I like what J. Warner Wallace says when talking about the importance of all christians to defend the faith:

You’d be amazed at the impact you can have, even without leading a non-profit ministry, working at a church or becoming a well-known public figure. God uses each of us on the basis of our individual life experiences. There are people out there who need to hear your voice. You can reach them better than anyone else, including the people you think of as “million dollar apologists”… You can have incredible impact on your world as a [Christian] Case Maker, even as you work and raise your families. Bloom where you are planted and continue to be an eager learner. Together, a million one dollar apologists can change the course of history.”  (from the essay, How to Be a “One Dollar Apologist”)

At the time of Nabeel’s death I had been studying apologetics for about 15 years and I realized that I need to step up my voice and start a website that does what I’ve seen Ravi and Nabeel do. They lived out 1 Peter 3:15. Both of these men have encouraged me to step up my training in defending the faith and once your grief passes I pray you will join me in doing the same.

You don’t have to be a great speaker or writer. You just have to start somewhere. We have resources on books to start reading if you are just starting out in learning or if you want to continue your christian training. If you have questions on where to start don’t hesitate to email us. Also, we don’t make a single penny from our website, we exist to equip all christians in their walk to fulfill the greatest opportunity that the Lord call us  to: To know God and to make him known.

Thank you Ravi, for all the wonderful years of service to the kingdom. We are confident that when you do get to go to heaven the Lord will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:23)

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