In Cell Death, a Stunning Display of Intelligent Design

Even tissues have to deal with the dead, and like everything else they do, they excel at it. The number of players involved in cell death is truly astonishing. Source…

Sermons on Friendship

Many of us yearn for the joy that comes from lifelong friendship. But what are the qualities of a true friend? In this selection of sermons, Alistair Begg explains the…

James Dwight Dana: Falsely Claimed Darwinist

When it comes to claims of the “nearly unanimous” acceptance of Darwinian evolution, mere assertion cannot stand as fact. Source Read More Evolution News

Nightmare at the Museum

This week we’ve been taking a look behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Source Read More Evolution News

Different by His Grace: Wallpaper

“If you are professing to be a Christian, then you realize God has made you different, and you are to be different, by His grace.” — Alistair Begg What is…

Theistic Evolution: The Case of Theodore Munger

In an extensive essay, Munger’s purpose was to show that evolution not only poses no threat to Christian faith but can confirm it Source Read More Evolution News

Namacalathus, Alleged Ediacaran “Animal,” Fails to Refute Abrupt Cambrian Explosion

It could be anything, from a coelenterate-grade or sponge-grade organism to even a protist or an alga. Source Read More Evolution News

Cancel Caribou? Another Questionable Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History

The role of science in justifying racism and eugenics is a subject that needs to be opened up wide, not decorously ignored any longer. Source Read More Evolution News

Honored by Statue, Democratic South Carolina Senator Said Some Blacks “Near Akin to Monkey”

Benjamin Tillman was a monster. He publicly defended lynchings. He drew on evolutionary racism to preach black inferiority. Source Read More Evolution News

Ask Dr. Land: Was Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech provocative?

The American Revolution did not declare its independence from God — the French Revolution did. Read More The Christian Post | RSS

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