How the Burden of Proof Can Shape Our Interaction

If you’ve ever been in a criminal trial, or seen one dramatized in a movie or TV show, you are doubtlessly familiar with the reading of the verdict at the…

Design on Time — Paley’s Watch Was Inside Him

Watches are everywhere on the heath. Look up, look down, look inside; biology runs on time. Source Read More Evolution News

Tips for Memorizing and Using Matthew 5 to Share the Truth (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast S6E16)

What important truths from the Sermon on the Mount can we use to share the truth of Christianity with others? How can we better memorize part of the Sermon to…

Kimberella — Locomotory Tracks

But what about tracks of the moving animal? There are indeed some fossils from the White Sea. Source Read More Evolution News

Using Bonobos to Bash Human Exceptionalism

As podcaster Scott Adams would say, there is simply no “payday” for these people in recognizing what makes us, as humans, unique. Source Read More Evolution News

Kimberella — Traces and a Trace-maker

The body fossils are generally positioned at the focal points of the fan-shaped scratch marks. Source Read More Evolution News

The Case for Eyewitness Testimony in the Gospels: Interview with Richard Bauckham – Sean McDowell

Are the Gospel traditions based on eyewitness testimony? Sean interviews Richard Bauckham about the update to his classic book JESUS AND THE EYEWITNESSES. Read More Sean McDowell

Doctor’s Diary: No “Butts” About It

An anthropologist writes that the evolution of bipedal-walking primates was primarily caused by the shifting of select bones and muscles in the pelvis. Source Read More Evolution News

Why Would Anyone Get a Degree in Apologetics?

I feel honored to be a very small part of the faculty at Biola University (where I serve as an Adjunct Professor in the Master’s Degree program in Christian Apologetics).…

Kimberella — Controversial Scratch Marks

A former teacher of mine was the late Adolf Seilacher, who was a leading authority on trace fossils and who for obvious reasons preferred to be called “Dolf.” Source Read…

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