How Should I Respond When Someone Offers a Thoughtful Objection to Christianity? (Video)

Does the ability to provide a thoughtful objection or response to a Christian claim mean that Christianity isn’t true? How are we to respond to such objections? Detective Jimmy Wallace…

Croft, Continued: I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens

Philosopher James Croft happens to think that absent background knowledge, “Aliens!” would be a weakly justified hypothesis. Source Read More Evolution News

Jordan Peterson Discovers the God Hypothesis

It’s refreshing to see such intellectual humility from a figure with Peterson’s status. But not all his followers were thrilled. Source Read More Evolution News

Taking Leave of Darwin’s Warm Little Pond

Neil Thomas explores some of the cultural influences that primed society to view the leap from non-life to life as easily made. Source Read More Evolution News

Croft, Continued: More Thoughts on Meyer’s Debate with a Skeptic

I think he’s mistaken my emphasis in the specific car break-in examples I gave, namely that the burglars’ behavior was odd and unpredictable. Source Read More Evolution News

Why is the Early Dating of the Gospels So Important? (Video)

How can we investigate the gospels to determine if they are valid and reliable? Does early dating really matter? If so, how can we test the date the gospels were…

Non-Mendelian Inheritance Undermines Neo-Darwinism

Neo-Darwinians breathed a sigh of relief when in the 1930s they found a way to incorporate Mendel’s laws of heredity. Now, that relief is unraveling. Source Read More Evolution News

Wild Rice Sues to Stop Repair of Oil Pipeline

Two years ago the Ojibwe tribe granted wild rice the “right to exist,” which could be said to be a synonym for a right to life. Source Read More Evolution…

Chances That Life Originated Without Intelligent Design? “Zero,” Says Physicist Eric Hedin

The idea of setting a percentage to the chances of ID being true reminds me of Hedin’s fellow physicist, Nobel Prize-winner Brian Josephson. Source Read More Evolution News

Myths, Monsters, and Life’s Elusive First Step

The notion that the building blocks of life were easily gotten may have seemed intuitive to journalists and others acquainted with Mary Shelley’s novel. Source Read More Evolution News

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