The #1 Surprising Rule of Life | with J. Warner Wallace

Can Christians learn to love the same way God loves? Cold-case homicide detective turned Christian apologist, J. Warner Wallace, answers that question for us in his brand-new book ‘The Truth in True Crime: What Investigating Death Teaches Us About the Meaning of Life.’ But how exactly did researching some of his own murder investigations lead him to discover the truth about God’s nature and His love for humanity?

For this midweek podcast episode, Jim returns to talk more about his new book and to share what he’s learned about marriage, justice, grace, and mercy through his deep study of contemporary true crime. What key quality is needed to be successful in life? Why do so many police officers struggle in their marriage? Why is pride such a dangerous sin? What’s the distinction between shame and guilt? All of these questions and more will be addressed as Frank and Jim wrap up this intriguing and insightful two-part discussion!

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Order Jim’s Book: The Truth in True Crime

Listen to Part 1 of the discussion: The Truth in True Crime with J. Warner Wallace

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