The Truth in True Crime with J. Warner Wallace

Have you ever wondered why America is so obsessed with death and murder, or why some of today’s most popular podcasts, shows, and TV networks are all centered around the topic of true crime? What’s the reason for our curiosity with murder and what life lessons can we learn from studying even the worst of these true crime stories?

If you’re a true crime junkie, this is the podcast episode for you! This week, our favorite cold-case homicide detective turned Christian apologist and author, J. Warner Wallace, sits down with Frank to talk about the inspiration behind his brand-new book, ‘The Truth in True Crime: What Investigating Death Teaches Us About the Meaning of Life‘, which explores 15 life-truths that he discovered through his study of the Scriptures and some of his most notorious murder investigations. During their conversation, Frank and Jim will answer questions like:

Why are women especially drawn to the genre of true crime?
How do men and women view identity differently?
What is the true cause of trauma and PTSD?
What are two common ways that identity is formed in people?
How does humility contribute to human flourishing?

Later in the episode, Jim will open up about his own personal journey through an unexpected season of identity crisis and reveal the most shocking discovery he made while writing the book. Be sure to pick up your copy of ‘The Truth in True Crime‘ and come back next week to hear the conclusion of Frank and Jim’s discussion on how true crime exposes certain truths about human nature.

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