He is Risen! Examining the Evidence for the Resurrection with Dr. Jonathan McLatchie

How did an itinerant preacher, born into poverty and raised in an obscure village, a man who never wrote a book or had a formal education, who was betrayed by his friends and ultimately crucified on a rugged cross, rise to become THE central figure in human history? Jesus of Nazareth has left an undeniable mark on the world and all of western society, surpassing the influence of any other person who has ever existed. But is it possible that the story of Jesus and His resurrection was invented by the authors of the New Testament?

He is risen! In anticipation of Easter Sunday, Frank invites the skilled Christian apologist and evolutionary biologist, Dr. Jonathan McLatchie, to make the case for the resurrection through the exploration of New Testament scholarship. McLatchie, who’s done a number of debates in defense of the Christian faith, will share his insights on the evidence for the resurrection, the reliability of the New Testament, and point out the significance of some of the details found in the Gospels and the book of Acts. During their conversation, Frank and Jonathan will answer questions like:

Do New Testament scholars believe that Jesus actually existed?
Are there extra-biblical sources that corroborate the early persecution of Christians?
Do non-Christian New Testament scholars view the NT as historically reliable?
Is it likely that the Apostles and eyewitnesses were either deceived themselves OR lying about the resurrection?
What is specialized information and how does it help support the truth of the book of Acts?


McLatchie will also walk us through his two-step approach of defending the resurrection by using what’s called the maximum data case. Later in the episode, Dr. McLatchie will talk about his online ministry that aims to mentor Christians and ex-Christians who are struggling with doubt by offering live interaction with experts in various fields of Christian scholarship. Be sure to visit TalkAboutDoubts.com to learn more about this ministry and consider enrolling in the brand-new LIVE! online course called ‘Reasons for Faith‘ launching on 4/27, where Jonathan will join Dr. Stephen Meyer and a team of other leading apologists during livestreamed lectures to expound upon the best historical, scientific, philosophical, and archaeological evidence for the Christian faith!

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Jonathan’s website: https://jonathanmclatchie.com/

Jonathan’s ministry: Talk About Doubts

Join Jonathan and Dr. Stephen Meyer LIVE! in ‘Reasons for Faith

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