The Deconstruction of Christianity | with Alisa Childers and Tim Barnett

What is this thing called “deconstruction” that has disrupted, dismantled, and destroyed the faith of so many people? Is it really a quest for truth, or is this radical spiritual makeover motivated by something else? As the deconstruction movement continues to grow in popularity, families and faith communities are often blindsided by individuals who leave Christianity and place the blame on “toxic Christians” or the allegedly “immoral” God of the Bible. How do you keep the line of communication open with “exvangelicals” and what types of questions can help foster meaningful faith conversations?

This week, our friends Alisa Childers and Tim Barnett join Frank to get to the heart of deconstruction and provide answers for Christians looking to tactfully engage people who have been swept up in the movement. During this podcast episode, they’ll discuss the inspiration behind their brand-new book, ‘The Deconstruction of Christianity: What It Is, Why It’s Destructive, and How to Respond‘ and also identify some of the pitfalls that have led many to abandon Christianity altogether. Listen as Frank, Alisa, and Tim answer questions like:

What is the motivation behind deconstruction?
Why doesn’t Alisa classify her faith crisis as true deconstruction?
What’s an exvangelical and where did the term originate?
What are Tim and Alisa’s personal experiences with exvangelicals?
What are some of the glaring inconsistencies within the deconstruction movement?
Should Christians interpret the Bible “literally”?


If the deconstruction movement has come knocking on your door, this is the episode for you! As you’ll hear during the conversation, having a strong grasp on the true Gospel and a working knowledge of apologetics can help Christians to escape the draw to deconstruction. Frank, Alisa, and Tim will only scratch the surface in this podcast, so be sure to check out the upcoming midweek podcast where they’ll dive deeper into the consequences of deconstruction, its connection to critical theory, and the best way to communicate with people who call you “toxic”.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tim and Alisa’s book:

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Tim’s website:

Red Pen Logic on YouTube:

Reality Apologetics Conference (Texas):

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