Tackling the Top 5 Objections Young People Have to Christianity | with Cliffe and Stuart Knechtle

Do young people today reject theism and Christianity for the same reasons as past generations? If you ask the average American college student why they doubt Christianity or God’s existence, you’re sure to get a range of responses. But are their objections grounded in evidence, reason, and rationality? Or are they allowing their emotions and desires to guide their unbelief?

Evangelizing college students is no easy task, but today’s guests have mastered the art of dialoguing with young people who have major questions when it comes to faith, morality, and identity. This week, Frank sits down with the humble father/son duo, Cliffe and Stuart Knechtle of the popular YouTube channelGive Me an Answer. During the episode, Frank, Cliffe, and Stuart will answer questions like:

What are some of the top objections they get to Christianity and how do they respond?
Why and how did Cliffe and Stuart start doing open-air apologetics on college campuses?
How does atheism contradict the Black Lives Matter movement?
Should depressed teens have the right to commit suicide?
Should Christian parents send their kids to secular colleges and universities?
What are some of the CRAZY (and sometimes frightening) ways that students have responded to their ministry?


As you’ll hear throughout this conversation, Cliffe and Stuart take a head, heart, and hands approach when they evangelize on college campuses. This podcast episode is all about showcasing how to present both the love and the truth of Christ without (purposely) offending a potentially hostile audience. We know you’re going to appreciate what Cliffe and Stuart have to say, so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and stay tuned for the upcoming midweek podcast episode where Frank will wrap up the conversation with Cliffe and Stuart on how to effectively engage young people through Christian apologetics.

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Ask Cliffe YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@askcliffe

Give Me An Answer (website)

Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT

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