The History of Modern-Day Israel with Bill Federer – Part 2

What are the historical and ideological factors that have shaped the modern state of Israel and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Religion, corruption, and even money laundering cannot be overlooked when having a nuanced discussion on what has happened and is happening in that region. But with the complexity of this ongoing war of ideologies and power grabs, where does the true solution lie?

During last week’s podcast, Frank and our guest, best-selling author and historian Bill Federer, walked us through some of ancient Israel’s history as documented through archaeology and in the Old Testament. This week, Bill briefly revisits the miraculous re-founding of Israel in 1948 and then gets into the weeds of many of the challenges that the Jews have faced in light of re-establishing their nation and protecting it from Islamic regimes that are dedicated to destroying Israel for good. Listen as Frank and Bill answer questions like:

How did a population of only 600,000 Jews manage to defeat an army of five different countries the day after the modern state of Israel was founded?
Why did the Palestinians vacate the land once it was reclaimed by Israel?
What role does critical theory play in the history of the modern rise of Islamic governments?
What’s the ideology of Wahhabism and jihad?
How did US government officials like Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Biden, Hilary Clinton, and others contribute to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
What led the son of Hamas’ founder to turn away from Islam and convert to Christianity?
How is Jesus the ultimate solution to this never-ending war?


As Bill ties up some of the loose ends from the prior podcast episode, he’ll take us even deeper into the centuries-long hostility between Arab nations, Muslim fundamentalists, and Israel. Part 2 of this series is sure to leave you with a better understanding of the significance of the October 7th Hamas attack, decades-old oil transactions, critical theory, and how they’re all linked to a long chain of antisemitic uprisings from past and present history. And just in case you missed Part 1, be sure to go back and check out the previous episode that aired on 1/5 so that you’re fully in the loop!

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Bill’s book: What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur’an: A History of Islam & the United States

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