The History of Modern-Day Israel with Bill Federer – Part 1

How did Israel get to where it is today? Do Israeli’s have a rightful claim to the land, or does it actually belong to the Palestinians? And is the conflict REALLY about land after all? We can learn a lot about the history of ancient Israel by reading the Bible and studying archaeology, but what else should concerned citizens know about modern-day Israel and the rise of antisemitism since that time?

As promised, we’re using the first podcast episode of 2024 to explore the history of modern-day Israel. Just a few weeks ago, nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and historian Bill Federer (founder of The American Minute) joined us to breakdown the TRUE history of Christmas. But this week he’s back to discuss modern Israel’s extensive origin story with Frank. During the show, Frank and Bill will answer questions like:

How did the state of modern Israel begin?
What archaeological finds corroborate Israel’s long substantiated claim to the land?
Was there a state of Palestine before 1948?
How has the discovery of oil fueled the rise of antisemitism?
Why is every land for peace deal rejected? And is this dispute really about land?


Believe it or not, Frank and Bill only begin the discussion in this podcast episode, so be sure to check out the upcoming midweek podcast episode this Tuesday to look even further into Israel and Palestine’s past, present, and ongoing conflict. There’s so much left to unpack and you have to stay tuned for the conclusion of this historical break down from a true expert! In the meantime, remember to sign up for Bill’s email list so that you can continue to receive history nuggets like this every week!

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Bill’s book: What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur’an: A History of Islam & the United States

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