Hamas vs. The Canaanites: Same Kind of Evil? | with Dr. Paul Copan

How can you negotiate with people who are intent on your destruction and are even willing to commit demonic acts to do so? The world watched in horror as the terrorist organization, Hamas, carried out the brutal attacks against innocent and defenseless Israeli citizens this past weekend, mercilessly slaughtering entire families, raping women, and dismembering young infants and children. Can these heinous crimes that we’ve witnessed offer any insight as to why God ordered the “utter destruction” of the enemies of Old Testament Israel?

In light of the recent terror attacks in Israel, Dr. Paul Copan sits down with Frank to reflect on this centuries old conflict and how it relates to some of the events that took place in the Old Testament. Paul will also talk more about his latest book, ‘Is God a Vindictive Bully: Reconciling Portrayals of God in the Old and New Testaments,’ which was written to help Christians better understand the biblical and historical backdrop of the hostility between Israel and the surrounding nations. During the episode, Paul and Frank answer questions like:

Why won’t Palestinians make peace with Israel?
Why would God order people groups to be killed in the Old Testament? Isn’t that ‘ethnic cleansing?’
What’s going on with Frank’s Israel trip that was planned for November?
What are imprecatory prayers and what do they reveal about the human condition and the nature of God?
How long did God wait before He brought judgment to Israel’s enemies?


In the words of New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright, “If God is not wrathful, then He is not loving.” As Christians, we should pray for the peace and safety of Israel, pray for the innocent civilians caught in the middle of the war(s), and pray for the salvation of those involved in these attacks. But if God is truly as loving and as just as the Bible describes Him, can He allow such wickedness and evil to go unpunished for those who don’t repent? Absolutely not!

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